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Pros and Cons of a Potting Shed

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpentry > Pros and Cons of a Potting Shed
Pros and Cons of a Potting Shed

Potting sheds can help you prepare your garden early and can even give you a longer growing season, but there are pros and cons of having a potting shed. You have to consider what is best for you and your property before you commit to putting up a permanent structure for potting on your land.

  1. One of the biggest pros when it comes to potting sheds is your ability to start your garden earlier.

    1.Pro: Great for Starting a Garden Earlier

    One of the biggest pros when it comes to potting sheds is your ability to start your garden earlier. This tends to give you usable vegetables earlier in the season and you get more product out of each and every plant. It is a protected area to grow the plants and for you to work even when it is cold outside; nice for plant and the person planting.

  2. 2.Pro: Easier on Your Back

    Potting sheds also allow you to build a platform to work on. Whether you use a collapsible table or build a permanent structure, you don’t have to be crouching on the ground. This is better positioning for your back and is easier on your knees. Eventually you will have to plant the pots in the ground, but hopefully at that time they won’t take quite as much TLC.

  3. 3.Pro: Organized Storage

    A potting shed gives you a place to organize your gardening tools. You don’t have to combine you yard tools with the rest of the things in your garage and it is usually easier to find what you need. The potting shed is separate from all the other chores you might have that the garage only serves you to remind you of.

  5. 4.Con: Needed Extra Space

    The largest con of a potting shed is the required space. Many times it is difficult to give up an area of your yard as you are either reducing your play space or even the space you have for your garden altogether. In temperate climates it might not be worth the space it takes up as you won’t extend your growing season by that much.

  6. 5.Con: Potential Watering Problems

    Usually you will want to pipe your potting shed so you can take care of watering needs. This opens you up to potential plumbing problems or leaks that may cause destruction to the shed over time. You have to really think about what this is going to do to your water pressure and if you house can handle it.


    Overall, the pros tend to outweigh the cons when it comes to a potting shed. Understanding the practicality of really using your shed is really what you need to consider. If this is one of your main hobbies it is probably more than worth it.

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