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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass
Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass

A lawn can be a lovely thing, pleasing to the eye and a place to chill out and unwind. But as with all things, the beauty and pleasure comes at a cost. The cost is one of time and effort as well as money. The alternative to natural grass is the synthetic option. First created in the 1960s, synthetic grass was initially intended for use in sporting arenas like football stadiums where the maintenance of natural grass was costly and required investment in manpower and special equipment. Over time, its use has spread to homes because of the many advantages it offers. However, there are also downsides to synthetic grass.

  1. While synthetic grass is the best option for sporting applications and events, the case for its use on your property is not quite as clear cut.

    1.The Need for Synthetic Grass

    As a homeowner you are proud of the home in which you live and want it to both look its best as well as offer you and your family the comforts you need. The lawn is an integral part of both the look and the comfort. If you are one of those who has a green thumb and enjoys spending time caring for your lawn, watering it, cutting the grass and pulling out weeds, than natural grass is right for you. However, if your aim is to enjoy your lawn without having to put in any effort, then synthetic grass is the way to go. Do not think that pulling up your lawn and replacing it will synthetic grass will solve all your problems. For all the convenience you gain, you lose some of the advantages of natural grass.


    An article titled “Natural Versus Artificial Turf- an Economical Alternative” by William B. Davis in California Turfgrass Culture, published by the University of California, found that while synthetic grass is the best option for sporting applications, the case for its use on personal properties is not quite as clear cut.


    You can find details of synthetic grass manufacturers and suppliers as well as landscapers in your area so you can contact them to discuss your lawn needs and the benefits and negative points of synthetic grass.

  2. 2.The Advantages of Synthetic Grass

    1. Synthetic grass, once installed requires little in the way of maintenance – no watering or mowing is required.

    2. You save on the cost of water and buying and operating a lawn mower.

    3. No expensive fertilizers and weed killers need be bought.

    4. Because you do not need to use chemicals to grow or protect the grass, you are not adding to pollution levels and affecting the environment on an ongoing basis.

    5. You will not have to spend time pulling out weeds.

    6. Synthetic grass is long lasting and you will not have to incur the expense or hassles of period replanting that natural grass will require.

    7. Synthetic grass offers excellent drainage so after rain or the use of water to wash it, the grass it will dry quickly.

    8. The good drainage also means that you don’t have to worry about puddles of water collecting and lasting for days and then leaving patches of mud for the unwary to step in.

    9. Play sports on the lawn will not damage the grass.

    10. Synthetic grass always looks perfectly manicured so you will never be embarrassed by an unkempt lawn.

  4. 3.Disadvantage of Synthetic Grass

    If all these solid reasons sound like they make an airtight case for the use of synthetic grass, the following list of disadvantages will help you balance the picture. After all, nothing is really perfect.


    1. The upfront cost of installing synthetic grass can be very high, making it financially impractical.

    2. There is normally a rubber cushion below the surface to provide softness and bounce. This may require occasional re-filling.

    3. Synthetic grass can become unpleasantly hot in summer.

    4. There are fears that the chemicals used in the manufacture of synthetic grass can be harmful to the health. Although manufacturers say that they meet health and safety standards, the debate remains inconclusive.

    5. Synthetic grass is not natural grass – it cannot offer the special scent of wet earth and grass or the sweet smell of freshly cut grass.

  5. 4.The Choice is Yours

    There are arguments for and against synthetic grass. You should weigh the pros and cons carefully, with your objectives and needs in mind before making a final decision.

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