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Questions to Ask Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Kitchen > Questions to Ask Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen
Questions to Ask Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you entertain frequently or not, you certainly do not want to be cooped up in a hot kitchen cooking meals when you could be enjoying the fine weather outdoors with your family or guests. One simple way of achieving this is to build an outdoor kitchen. This way you can enjoy home cooked meals without missing out on all the fun that is taking place outdoors.


The EPA recommends the installation of EnergyStar appliances in the kitchen to save money and the environment. When building an outdoor kitchen, take the time to ensure that the appliances you install are EnergyStar rated. This is almost as important as the installation itself. They should be energy efficient and conscious and they should be protected as best as possible from the elements. The installation and infrastructure will obviously be different for an outside kitchen because they will be exposed to the hot and cold temperatures, wind and rain.


Once you have decided to install an outdoor kitchen you need to have a few clear ideas about your needs and requirements before you can ask a contractor to design an outdoor kitchen for you. You need to answer the following questions before you design the kitchen.

    A refrigerator, food processor, and other appliances make it easier to cook elaborate meals. However, installing a set of these in the outdoor kitchen will lead to additional costs.
  1. 1.Which are the seasons when the outdoor kitchen will be used?

    Some people use their outdoor kitchen only in the summer. Others enjoy the outdoor kitchen even in the cooler months. If you will be using the kitchen in colder months as well then you will need to install a roof and weather proofing as well. This will cost you more, but if you enjoy being outdoors in the colder weather as well, it is worth the money.

  2. 2.Where exactly will you locate the kitchen?

    If the kitchen is closer to the house, you will incur a lower expense for electrical and plumbing work. However, if a part of your yard away from the house is beautifully landscaped for entertaining, the additional expenses of installing plumbing and power lines to the area might be more acceptable to you.

  3. 3.What do you plan to cook in the outdoor kitchen?

    Simple cooking will only require a coal or gas barbecue, whereas more elaborate cooking will require a cooking range. Again you will have to balance costs against your desires and come up with a combination that suits your needs.

  4. 4.Do you need a sink in your outdoor kitchen?

    Again, the plumbing costs will increase as will the convenience. Otherwise, you will be running in to the house each time you need to fill a glass of water or wet a washcloth. Cleaning and washing up will certainly be easier with a sink in your outdoor

  5. 5.What are the appliances you want in your outdoor kitchen?

    A refrigerator, food processor, and other appliances make it easier to cook elaborate meals. However, installing a set of these in the outdoor kitchen will lead to additional costs. Moreover, you need to ensure that these are secured against damage by the weather as well as miscreants. Also, remember that every appliance will require an electrical outlet that will increase the total cost of the kitchen.

  6. 6.Will you be cooking in the evenings and nights?

    If you plan to use the outdoor kitchen at nights as well then you need to plan proper lighting for the working area as well as the dining area.

  7. 7.Do you want a charcoal or a gas fired barbecue and grill?

    This is something you need to decide on before you can start designing your kitchen.

  8. 8.Do you need to install a privacy screen near your outdoor kitchen?

    Depending on the position of your outdoor kitchen and dining area, you might need to install a privacy screen.

  9. 9.Where exactly will the guests be seated?

    Decide on the seating area keeping in mind that the seating has to be comfortable and appropriate for outdoor use. Select a cool spot under some trees and ensure that your guests will have a suitable view to admire even as they eat and converse.

  10. 10.Will repair and maintenance be easy?

    Check that there is a warranty on the fixtures and that replacement parts easy to obtain. Contact a notable and trustworthy contractor to ensure that your outdoor kitchen meets your expectations in all areas.

  11. 11.Planning

    When planning an outdoor kitchen, you must decide on your needs and preferences to ensure that you have all the features you need. This installation must be tough and durable because the safety of being inside will be nonexistent.

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