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Questions to Ask a Carpet Installer

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Carpeting > Questions to Ask a Carpet Installer
Questions to Ask a Carpet Installer

You have a new home you are finally starting to decorate – or maybe, you have an old home you’d like to make look a little newer. Either way, you know your next step is hiring a carpet installer. But then what?


According to the nonprofit trade association Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), carpets not only provide benefits like improved air quality and noise reduction – they are also easy to maintain. The group says carpet covers nearly 70 percent of the flooring in the United States.


Your carpet is one of the more costly investments in your home. So, when it comes time to lay it down, you want the job done right. Here are five questions from Red Beacon that you can ask when having your carpet installed.

  1. According to the nonprofit trade association Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), carpets not only provide benefits like improved air quality and noise reduction – they are also easy to maintain.

    1.Should I do this myself?

    Well, you could – but you probably shouldn’t. “Even if you are good at home improvements, know that installing a carpet requires a specialized skill,” says the CRI. “A quality installation is critical to the performance of your carpet and will help protect your indoor air quality.” Additionally, because you’d have to go out and purchase specialized tools, you likely wouldn’t be saving any money by doing it yourself. Then, hiring a professional to fix what you might mess up would mean you would be shelling out even more cash.

  2. 2.What kind of carpet should I buy?

    From color to fiber to look and feel, there are so many different types of carpet to choose from. Consider your needs. Will you be carpeting a child’s bedroom? Maybe your plans are for a fancy dining room? A good professional will help guide you through the process, helping you find something to fit your need and budget.

  3. 3.How will you do the job?

    Your carpet installation professional will measure the room, install and nail down a tack strip (a thin piece of wood studded with nails that helps keep the carpet in place), lay out a carpet cushion. They will then roll out, fit and tack down the carpet. After that, they will use a power stretcher to make sure the carpet is stretched taut across the floor with no ripples or bubbles.. Finally, they will trim, vacuum and clean the carpet. That’s what basically happens – but ask if your professional offers any other special services or uses any specialized techniques. Also – make sure they follow the carpet manufacturer’s instructions during installation.

  4. 4.How long will this job take?

    Oftentimes, carpet installation renders a room unusable while the work is going on. For homeowners, that can be annoying or even unsafe. Carpe installation should not be a long process, but a bad professional can make it that way. Talk to your professional about how long he or she expects the job to last, then try to hold them to that promise.

  5. 5.Will there be any after installation problems?

    Newer, thicker carpet might effect the way your doors open and close. Ask your professional if he or she can re-hang your existing doors. If that’s not a service her or she offers, you may have to get your doors re-cut. There are also a few other things that could happen during your new carpet’s adjustment period. Your new carpet could shed a bit. It could also “sprout” – that is, a few single fibers could extend out beyond all the rest. If you get sprouts, do not yank them out, trim them instead. You could also get pile reversal or shading, which is what happens when light hits the carpet in different ways based on which way the individual fibers are bending.


    Carpet installation is a job best left to a trained professional, but as a consumer you should be as informed as possible. This guide will help you do just that.

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