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Questions to Ask a Kitchen Contractor

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Kitchen > Questions to Ask a Kitchen Contractor
Questions to Ask a Kitchen Contractor

Remodeling your kitchen or redoing it from scratch can be a herculean task, if not planned with precision. Therefore, a fair bit of advance planning needs to be done before starting any work. And, it all begins with having a complete vision and hiring a contractor who can translate it into reality. Considering that there would be scads or many dedicated contractors to choose from, hiring one should never be problem. However, you must know how to evaluate the ones available at hand, so that you can choose the best so this project does not grow out of control and cost you considerably in the end.


No one wants to be involved in a housing project circus.

  1. 1.Begin by Understanding Your Space

    American household kitchens were essentially busy places with many associated activities apart from frequent cooking of course!

    According to a multi stage research initiative propagated by the Center for Real Life Kitchen Design, it was discovered that American household kitchens were essentially busy places with many associated activities apart from frequent cooking of course! Is the same true about your kitchen space as well? It would be important for you to assess your space in terms of what people in your household do in the kitchen, who cooks, how many people cook at a time, what you want from your kitchen, and so on? The same would have to be discussed with your contractors when you attempt to assess their professional acumen.

  2. 2.Some Questions for your Contractors

    Some pertinent questions to put forth to your contractors when you wish to have them on board would include:


    • For how long have you been in the kitchen remodeling space?–Well essentially, going with an experienced service provider is always better. You need to hire someone who has been engaged in similar capacity for long enough to have taken up different jobs with distinct challenges. Ideally, he should have gathered most of his experiencing working with space dimensions quite like yours. That would be an added advantage. But even if the contractor is younger, perhaps they are motivated to see this project through. Perhaps they are willing to do the same job for less. Some key points to ponder.


    • Were you trained formally on kitchen remodeling? If so, how and where?–There would be contractors who would be general remodeling specialists. Although they might be able to do a decent kitchen remodeling job as well, if you want to hire the best, you would have to stick to kitchen remodeling specialists who deal only with kitchens and cooking spaces. Therefore, asking if they have been formally and practically trained in kitchen modeling is important. If yes, where have they been trained from? It would be equally important to check upon accreditations and certifications in case applicable.


    • Are you affiliated to a professional association or group?—If the contractor happens to be a certified member of a professional group or association, it is certainly an added plus! Professional associations such as these ensure high quality work and top class service. Although it may not be mandatory, questions pertaining to such associations and memberships might be asked and having one must always be considered a bright spot.


    • Do you possess the required licenses and registration proofs?—You would need to find out if the contractor possesses all the licenses required by the state laws and regulations, in order to start work immediately. If the contractor is still awaiting a confirmation on registration or licenses, that is something to consider. Perhaps you can negotiate a lower wage because of this.


    • Do you possess insurance?—Contractors must always be insured so make sure you check upon it well in advance. Ask for details of a formal insurance agreement and perform the necessary checks before you offer your nod of approval.


    • Will you provide formal written warrantees?—Contractors must always be providing you with formal written guarantees on services. Though most contractors would be offering verbal guarantees quite promptly, these would hardly be of any use. What you would need would be formalized written warranty statements that can be preserved for future references. So make sure your contractor is ready to provide the same. You might also choose to look at the warranty document format and read the literature for complete clarity and understanding.


    • Will you provide me with contactable references?–Ideally, your kitchen contractor should be providing you with at least a couple of references you can get in touch with.


    Choosing a kitchen contractor for your job may consume some time. Make sure you receive favorable responses to all or most of your queries before you actually make a final decision. Look at their countenance or facial expressions and monitor their tone when they are speaking with you and when they are answering your questions. If you doubt their sincerity, you should not hire them to work on your home or any part of it.

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