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Quick Guide to Window Washing

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Quick Guide to Window Washing
Quick Guide to Window Washing

No matter who you are, window washing is pretty important when it comes to home improvement and keeping up with the cleanliness of your home. Many people may not realize that there are right and wrong ways to wash a window, so we have made your life all the easier by compiling a list of tips for correctly washing windows. This can be a helpful guide on your journey to a cleaner home.

  1. 1.How Often Should I Be Cleaning My Windows?

    Cleaning windows correctly really isn’t hard; it just takes a bit of patience and a good eye.

    In order to get optimal results and have clean, shiny windows all year long you should be fully washing your windows at least twice a year. It is especially important to wash after a rainy season since rain residue can often stain or leave streaks. If you keep this pattern, washing your windows won’t be hard at all since all you will really be doing is touching them up. Wash your windows as much as you see fit and make sure to replace any that may have cracks in them. Cracked windows can be a big hazard since just about anything can happen to make them break fully.

  2. 2.Best Way to Find Streaks

    It really isn’t that hard to find the streaks in your windows; all you really have to do is wash them thoroughly. Wash one side of the window with long horizontal strokes, and the other side with tall vertical strokes. This helps you to see exactly where the streaks are and how they are being created.

  3. 3.Wash From the Top Down

    If you find that one of your windows has a lot of tiny scratches on it, this can be repaired by using toothpaste. Just get any old toothpaste, perhaps Colgate, and squeeze a tiny bit out. Apply a dime sized dot of toothpaste to each group of scratches that you see. Polish the area and make sure to really rub the toothpaste in there. Using a soft bristled toothbrush, you can also get into the far corners of windows for a better cleaning.

  4. 4.The Toothpaste Method

    If you insulate the exterior walls of your home, it will help stabilize the indoor temperature. When there is an unheated space like a garage, the floor above it should be insulated to prevent any heat loss. The insulation should be such that there is no space left for air or moisture. While improving your insulation, you could also try to improve your ventilation system.

  5. 5.Watch Your Woodwork

    Not only should cleaning windows only be done on a cloudy day (since direct sunlight tends to dry cleaning solution much faster than it should be dried), but you also need to watch out for any woodwork that may be in your way. Cleaning chemicals will always pose a threat to nice woodwork, and the paint or varnish on your window is in constant harm if you don’t take methods to protect it. If you can’t wash windows without producing any drips, we would recommend just taking some extra towels or tissues and place them at the bottom right before the woodwork so that any chemicals get absorbed into them.


    This was our quick guide to window washing and we hope that we’ve helped you! Cleaning windows correctly really isn’t hard; it just takes a bit of patience and a good eye. Hopefully now you can go out and wash your windows without any streaks leftover! Take your time and try not to clean your windows on a hot and sunny day or you will find that the solution dries up on the window too soon.

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