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Quick Pest Control and Extermination Tips

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Extermination > Quick Pest Control and Extermination Tips
Quick Pest Control and Extermination Tips

It’s hard to say where the phrase “pick your poison” came from. It may have started in Australia, where a pub was known as a “poison shop,” but there appears to be no definitive answer. We bring this up because the quickest way to eliminate pests is to correctly pick the poison specifically designed to rid your environment of whatever has invaded your property.


Just remember, if you use any toxic substance, you need to ensure that kids and pets can’t get at it.

  1. 1.Insects

    Pets can sometimes be great sources of a flea infestation. Give them a flea bath or take them to a pet groomer to get that type of treatment.

    Ants can be kept away by using a great home remedy. Just mix a cup of borax with a cup of sugar in an old quart jar. Make sure it has a lid because you want to poke some holes in the top. Once your formula is ready, sprinkle the contents outdoors near the foundation of your house and around the baseboards inside. The ants come for the sugar, but are killed by the borax. Same goes for roaches. For them, sprinkle the stuff around bathroom and kitchen cabinets.


    Hornets? Hair spray will do the trick. You want to actually hit the hornet with the hair spray; it won’t work by simply blitzing your home with the grooming product.


    Pets can sometimes be great sources of a flea infestation. Give them a flea bath or take them to a pet groomer to get that type of treatment. While they’re out of the house, vacuum all rugs thoroughly and immediately dump the bag outside. Bug bombs and flea insecticide needs to be applied before your pet reenters the scene. This is not a one-shot deal. Fleas lay eggs. You’ll need to repeat the process in about 10-days to get a good result.


    Your birdbath needs to be changed three-times a week. Mosquitoes breed in standing water.


    arpenter ants are barometers of deeper problems. If these insects appear, it’s because of damp wood. Use this sign as an opportunity to check windowsills, pipes and your roof for leaks.


    Multi-legged centipedes feast on other insects. If you start seeing these creatures, a bell should ring in your mind: There are other varieties of bugs in your house.


    Apartment life has a whole different set of issues when it comes to pest control. In other words, any solution you take won’t work unless the whole building is treated at the same time.

  3. 2.Mammals

    We are always shown that cheese is the best way to lure a rodent to a mousetrap. That may work, but peanut butter or uncooked bacon will do the trick, too. You just have to make sure that whatever bait you use, the critter will pull the trigger. You want them to tug at the food. That’s difficult to do with peanut butter unless you dab some of it on the tripper, letting it harden before you set the trap.


    Bacon should be tied with thread to the trigger.


    Raccoons in the chimney or up in the attic create special problems when you are want to eliminate them. While oil of mustard will repel them, it’s a stinky, temporary solution. Chemical repellants won’t do the job forever. The most effective solution is to monitor their nest and when they leave the area, plug-up how they entered your place to begin with.


    Rodents need less than one-third of an inch opening to squeeze into your home. You’re going to need to seal those gaps. First, drop some poison into the space, then pack it down with a scouring pad. Take a small disposable bowl and mix a concoction of steel wool fragments and spackling compound.


    Probably the quickest way to eliminate pests is to call-in a professional. Websites like can help you find the best person for the job. A phone call to an expert is the quickest way to get rid of unwanted critters.

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