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Quick Snow Removal Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Quick Snow Removal Guide
Quick Snow Removal Guide

Are you fed-up with throwing away your snow days by having to do actual work – like shovel the stuff away? Wouldn’t you rather be doing some cross-country skiing, or sledding or just hanging around with the kids making snowmen and have snowball fights?


It ain’t gonna happen. When a big snowfall shuts a town off for a day or two, unless you hired a contractor, keep the horses in the stable. You’re not going sleigh-riding anytime soon.

  1. Before the snow comes, spread some de-icer and salt on the sidewalks and driveway.


    We’re going to confront this matter from both a business and a homeowners standpoint. A massive dump of snow can lead to big headaches when you have a lot of property to clear. Here’s some preparation you can do before the blizzard hits:


    • No one knows exactly how much snow will fall in a given area during the cold months. You can guess, based on yearly averages, but that’s about all you can do. Since intangibility is in the air, draw-up a worst-case scenario.


    • You believe that there’s a higher-than-average possibility that a major blast is headed your way. You have a fair amount of space to clear when it arrives. Should you purchase or rent your heavy machinery? Will the local rent-all shop be able to handle your demand and dozens of others when the snow hits?


    • If you bought your own stuff, make sure you prepare all tools powered by gasoline-electric-elbow grease or whatever before the season begins.


    • Make sure you store the equipment properly.


    • Train yourself and your little helpers how to do the job effectively and safely.


    • Ask yourself: Are you ready for an ice storm? That’s a much different thing than a snow storm.

  2. 2.The Night Before

    You know the big one is coming. The nightly news people are all in a lather and the weather guy is reporting from someplace outside. The forecast is: Right after sunrise, the flakes will begin dropping and the meteorologist predicts at least a half-foot of snow.


    Snap to it. Let’s cut our shoveling time so that we’re still able to go tobogganing tomorrow.


    Before the snow comes, spread some de-icer and salt on the sidewalks and driveway. As long as temperatures don’t drop to a hard freeze, once the precipitation starts, this will make matters easier. The snow will be less likely to stick. Also, if you have some kitty litter, toss some of that around, too.


    Now that you’ve coated as much concrete and asphalt space as you can with particulates, start your engines. Line-up every car you can in single-file down the driveway. It’s going to be easier to shake the snow from the surface of your cars than it will be to break your back shoveling the stuff.


    After you’ve scooped-up the remaining snow on the sidewalks and driveway, the only problem left to dispatch is cutting through the mess left behind by the plows.


    All clear? Give the areas another dose of de-icer, salt, kitty litter and sand. What’s left? Take a break, have some soup and pull out the sled. It’s time to warm up the horses.

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