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Quick Window Crack Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > Quick Window Crack Repair Guide
Quick Window Crack Repair Guide

When cracks appear in a home window, you’ll have to work quickly to repair the damage. Allowing cracks to remain unfixed will create unsafe conditions as well as potential leaks where you could lose comfortable air from inside your home.


For important information and guidance with broken window glass, visit the Bay County, Michigan website. You’ll find both written explanations as well as diagrams, which can help you perform your own window crack repairs.


With a few tools and materials, you can effectively repair a crack in a window to maintain your home’s appearance, safety and energy efficiency.

  1. While removing the old glass and scraping off the old putty, take care not to damage the window frame with the chisel.

    1.Tools and Materials

    You won’t need any special tools to repair a window crack in a window. The materials necessary are not expensive or extensive. Gather work gloves (to protect your hands from broken glass), needle-nose pliers, a chisel, medium-grit sandpaper, wood preservative or paint, a paintbrush, a tape measure, new glass cut to size, glazing compound, glazier points and a flat-head screwdriver.

  2. 2.Repair Steps

    Begin the repair process by removing the cracked glass from the window. Wearing work gloves, pull out the existing glazier points from both sides of the glass with the needle-nose pliers. After removing the points, remove the glass carefully. Once you have all the pieces of glass out of the window, scrape away old putty from the perimeter of the window frame with the chisel – keep working until the window frame is completely clean. Sand the window frame lightly with sandpaper and wipe away sawdust.


    Apply a light coat of wood preservative or paint to seal the bare wood before proceeding. Let this coat dry completely before you move on.


    Measure around the perimeter of the opening with the tape measure. Subtract 1/4-inch from each dimension and buy a sheet of glass that matches these adjusted dimensions.


    Apply a thin bead of glazing compound around the groove in all four sides of the window frame. Insert the glass into the grooves, pushing it through the bead of glazing compound to secure it tightly. With the window glass in place, insert the glazier points about every 6 inches around each of the four sides of the glass.


    Make strings of glazing compound about 3/8-inch in diameter and place the strings along the points where the glass fits into the grooves of the window frame. Push the glazing compound into the crevices with the putty knife, making a diagonal edge on the glazing compound to cover the grooved area of the window frame. Allow the glazing compound to dry completely.


    Paint the glazing compound to match the window frame after it dries.

  4. 3.Cautions

    Handle the broken glass with extreme caution to prevent injuries. While removing the old glass and scraping off the old putty, take care not to damage the window frame with the chisel. As you are installing the glazier points into the new glass, insert them carefully or you may break the new glass. Generally, you should be able to install them by pushing with your fingers or gently with the flat-head screwdriver. Avoid using a hammer because you could break or crack the glass.


    Even if you only possess novice construction skills, you can repair a window. Visit the Red Beacon website for additional tips and advice for working with window glass.

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