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Radon Testing and Removal Service Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Home Inspection > Radon Testing and Removal Service Guide
Radon Testing and Removal Service Guide

Radon is undetectable by sight, smell and taste. Although you probably won’t know if radon is in your home, radon in the environment can cause problems. In fact, radon can even lead to serious illness and death with significant exposure.


The Environmental Protection Agency has comprehensive information available on its website to help the consumer understand the threats associated with radon and to deal with issues resulting from radon exposure in the home.


With a radon testing and removal service guide, you can eliminate sources of radon to ensure that your home stays safe for your family.

  1. Generally, fixing radon levels in a home requires assistance from a professional with training and skills for working with these issues.

    1.What is Radon?

    Radon is a radioactive gas produced from uranium in water, soil and rock. When these materials emit radon into the air, you breathe it into your lungs. Although radon can exist literally anywhere in many different types of buildings, most people receive the most significant exposure to radon at home.

  2. 2.Radon Testing

    Both the Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend testing homes below a third floor for radon in the interior environment. Furthermore, it’s also recommended that schools receive radon testing. You have a variety of options in radon testing. You can purchase a test and perform it yourself or you can hire an expert to test your home for radon.

  3. 3.Short-Term Testing

    A short-term test conducts the testing for a limited time using a special device. These detectors test radon levels over a period of days because radon levels do not stay static in the home. On some days, radon could be at higher levels and on other days, it could be lower. In addition, radon also varies by season. When you aren’t sure if you have a radon problem and you want to begin with an initial test, opt for a short-term test and then proceed from there.

  4. 4.Long-term Testing

    A long-term test stays active in your home for over 90 days. These tests are effective for delivering a year-round radon average in your home.

  6. 5.EPA Recommendations

    The EPA recommends that homeowners start with a short-term test for radon. If results are higher than 4 pCi/L, test a second time with another short-term test. If results are similar, proceed with a long-term test. Average indoor radon levels are approximately 1.3 pCi/L and average outdoor radon levels are approximately 0.4 pCi/L.

  7. 6.Lowering Radon Levels

    If you detect elevated radon levels in your home, take steps to reduce it. Install a soil suction radon reduction system. This system consists of a vent pipe and fan to pull radon out from under your house and push it through to the outside.


    Generally, fixing radon levels in a home requires assistance from a professional with training and skills for working with these issues. With an expert, you can receive an analysis of the problem as well as knowledgeable recommendations for repairing your specific issues. Most states certify radon contractors, so contact your state to find recommendations for qualified experts to provide service. Check references and get quotes before selecting a professional radon removal service.


    Although radon can be frightening to consider, it’s something that’s within your control to remove from your home.

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