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Refrigerator Filter Replacement Guide

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Refrigerator Filter Replacement Guide

Drinking water is something we all do frequently every day. It is not a conscious activity – when we are thirsty, we drink without even really thinking about what we are doing. But the quality of the water that we consume has a direct impact on our bodies and how healthy we are. Dirt and pollutants in the water cause all kinds of gastric problem and the chemical residue that is sometimes found in water can have serious health implications of all kinds. The water filter in your refrigerator traps and removes unwanted particulate matter from the water you drink and use to make ice. Changing it at regular intervals ensures that the water your family drinks is safe. A filter that is dirty will allow dirt to enter or remain in the water and can also restrict the flow of water in the refrigerator.

  1. 1.When do You Replace a Refrigerator Filter?

    Changing the refrigerator filter when required is important to ensure that your family gets clean water and ice.

    All refrigerators that have water dispensers and ice makers have a filter. These filters both clean the water and prevent scaling and deposit build up that could damage the refrigerator. Your owner’s manual will specify the frequency at which the filter should be changed. Some refrigerators have a warning light that comes on when the filter is dirty and needs replacement.


    If you live in an area where the water supply is suspect and may contain more that the average amount of pollutants and sediment, changing it more frequently than specified is a shrewd idea. You may not face this issue in America but it is something to think about. If the water has an odd taste or if, when left in a glass for a few minutes some sediment is visible, the filter should be changed even if it is earlier than the specified period. A simple way to check the condition of the filter is by removing it and seeing if the color has changed or a slimy coating has developed on it.

  2. 2.Have an Extra

    Changing the filter is a simple matter that requires no special skill or tools and in most cases takes just a few minutes. It’s a judicious idea to keep one or two spare filters at home so that you are not caught short when the time comes to change it. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) lays terrific importance on clean drinking water as an essential component of sparkling health. If you need a refrigerator filter, you will find details of suppliers in your area using a simple Google search.

  4. 3.How to Change the Filter

    The most common place for the filter to be located is in the base grill of the unit.


    1. If the filter has a knob in front hold it and give it ¼ turn to the left. This will open the lock and allow you to pull the filter out. Remove the knob and fit in on the new filter, taking care to align it properly. Slide the new filter in and turn the knob ¼ to the right to lock it in place.

    2. Some filters have a push button next to them. Press the button and the filter will pop out. Pull it out and slide in the new filter until you here the click of it locking into place.

    3. If your refrigerator’s filter is located in the front compartment, open the compartment and gently pull the filter out and replace it with the new one.

    4. Some filters are in a plastic housing. Remove the housing and open it. If there is a nut, you may need a wrench to do this. Once open, remove the old filter, wash out the housing interior and insert the new one. Close the housing and insert the filter.


    Most filters are made of carbon and some residue may be present in the first few gallons of water to pass through a new one. Flush it out with a few gallons of clean water before installing it.

  5. 4.Keep the Refrigerator Filter Clean

    A refrigerator with a working filter is one that will give your family safe water and ice and prevent damage and the possibility of expensive repairs. Make it a part of your regular housekeeping and home maintenance procedure.

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