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Removing a Tree Stump? Skip the Headache!

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Removing a Tree Stump? Skip the Headache!
Removing a Tree Stump? Skip the Headache!

Whether you have had to have a tree cut down because it had matured or become dangerous it is essential to remove the stump as well. Leaving the stump in the ground can be unsightly, cause the spread of plant disease, or interfere in your new landscaping plans. However, removing a tree stump is no easy task as tree roots can go quite deep into the soil and spread a few inches over the drip line. Waiting for the tree stump to decompose on its own is not a viable option as this can take a very long time. Moreover, the tree stump might give out new shoots, needing constant pruning to keep it under control.

  1. 1.Dig it Out

    One of the ways of removing a tree stump is to dig it out. For this you need to use a spade and shovel and dig a wide area around the stump to be able to reach its bottom. After this the stump will be loosened from the soil and can be removed with ease. However, you will still have to dispose of the stump. It cannot be dumped in wetlands, but must be taken to a landfill or chopped up for firewood. Though inexpensive in terms of equipment, digging out a stump can be expensive in terms of the time and energy required.

  2. 2.Backhoe

    Another way of removing a tree stump is to pull it up using a backhoe. You can either ask a garden contractor to come and remove the stump using their backhoe or rent a small backhoe and operate it yourself if you are removing a lot of tree stumps from the property. Either way, once the tree stump has been pulled out, you need to find a way of disposing of it. The stump needs to be chopped for use as firewood or kindling or taken to a landfill.


    You will also have to find some extra dirt to fill in this hole because you do not want to fall into the hole one day or at night. That would be quite unpleasant! You can remove the stump because it does look sloppy and makes your ground heavily uneven and after that chop it up in little pieces. You can put many of these pieces back into the hole so you do not need so much dirt to fill up this empty space but ideally you want a soft and smooth look to this hole so it is not as if you can just fill it in with the stump pieces and call it a day. Some of the stump pieces will have to be disposed of either by burning them, tossing them into the trash, or putting them out into the street and waiting for the city dumpster crew to come by and scoop them up.

  3. 3.Stump Grinder

    A more modern way of removing a tree stump is to use a stump grinder. This is a mechanical device that has teeth made of titanium or another strong metal and just grinds away at the tree stump reducing it to mulch. The stump grinder is compact and maneuverable, enabling it to reach tree stumps in most difficult to reach areas. The stump grinder grinds up the stump up to 18 inches below the level of the soil ensuring that the stump does not put out new shoots. Stump grinder operators normally charge by area of stump to be removed. However, if you have a lot of tree stumps that need to be removed, it will be more economical to rent a stump grinder and operate it yourself.


    The wood shavings or mulch provided by a stump grinder need to be composted before being used in the garden. Since it will be difficult to compost the stump shavings, you will have to add blood meal to it and leave it covered for a year before using the compost. The hollow left in the earth after the stump grinding has to be filled with loam before the land can be used to plant something else. Additionally, when preparing a compost pit for the stump shavings, one has to plan for a large pit as the shavings will occupy more space than the stump as they will be fluffed up by air.

  4. 4.Chemicals

    Yet another method of removing a tree stump is to use chemicals. This is done by drill small holes in the tree stump and pouring chemicals through it. This helps to ensure that the stump decomposes faster. However, this does not happen overnight and you need to wait for the process to take place. Additionally, the chemicals used in the process are toxic and can harm the plants in the vicinity. This system can only be used in places that are not frequented by people.

  5. 5.Fire

    You can also burn the stump. It may take a couple of days and some effort but this is also a common method. You do not want to do this though in the summer time if you live in an area that is fire prone. You do not want to start a huge fire conflagration!

  6. 6.Tree Stump Removal Services

    While there are many ways of removing a tree stump, all of them require time, energy, and expertise to be done properly. Busy people who would rather relax on the weekends than spend time digging out or grinding a tree stump can opt to outsource the work to a garden contractor. To locate a garden contractor, just register your requirements at the Redbeacon website. Be sure to mention you locality as well as the number and size of the tree stumps to obtain an accurate quote. Once you have done so, Redbeacon will take over and handle most of the following tasks for you.


    Redbeacon will identify tree stump removal contractors who are free to work from their online database for you and ask them to submit bids. Meanwhile, Redbeacon will also verify the online reviews of the contractors to ensure that they provide the quality of service expected by Redbeacon contractors. Redbeacon will then forward four bids to you, enabling you to select a garden contractor that best suits your needs. Once you do this, the work of removing the stumps will start according to the date specified in the contract. After the tree stumps have been removed, Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours for your comments before releasing the payment to the contractor.


    Maintaining a proper garden involves removing tree stumps after a tree has been cut down. This can be done in various ways but using the services of a garden contractor is the easiest method. By utilizing the help of Redbeacon to locate a reliable garden contractor home owners can save themselves time. And who owns a home and does not care about their time?

A marvelous garden is a pleasure to all the senses. However, maintaining this can be time consuming and physically demanding especially if it involves removing tree stumps.


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