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9 Home Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > 9 Home Issues You Shouldn't Ignore
9 Home Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

Home repairs can be a pain and it’s tempting to allow the non-critical problems to stay on hold till there is time to attend to them. But the danger with this is that small issues, which are merely irritants can, if they are allowed to remain unrepaired, lead to major problems that can require significant repairs, reinstallation, and huge expenses.


As long as there is water flowing in the pipes, a small leak is not something that needs to be attended to immediately. Right? Not really. Most leaks start off small and gradually grow into bigger ones. And this can lead to major property damage and the replacement of pipes. Taking care of small problems is often postponed and as the days pass, the gradual increase in the size of the issue is not noticed. Until, that is, something serious happens that affects the running of the house. Then there is a panic and repairs are done in a rush. The cost of repair and replacement has grown along with the problem and while we often promise ourselves that we won’t let this happen again, the lesson is often forgotten till the whole cycle is gone through again.


Acquiring professional help to tackle house repairs as soon as the problem arises saves money and makes life more comfortable for everyone who lives in the home. If you are in need of a plumber, electrician, or other home repair professional, you will find information on the experts you need, in your area, on any major search engine. Among the repairs that can become complicated and expensive if left unattended are:

  1. 1.Pipe Leaks

    Piping in houses is usually only visible in the basement – the rest of it is hidden in the walls. Because of this, leaks are often not noticed for quite some time after they begin. And when they are seen, small leaks are the kind of repairs that it is easy to postpone until the weekend – which never seems to come. The result is often that the small leak becomes a big one or the pipe bursts and a lot of damage occurs. The cost of repairing all the damage and replacing the pipe could have been avoided if the leak had been attended to before the problem persevered. Read our guide on How to Fix Leaky Pipes for common fixes for a pipe leak.

  2. 2.Water Damage

    Water damage can be caused by a number of factors – a burst or leaking pipe, flooding, and seepage of rainwater. When the source of the water damage is removed, postponing the damage repair is often postponed if it not serious. But the water that has been absorbed by the structure, the furniture and the upholstery will continue to spread internally and cause even more damage, until the matter does become serious. That’s when the costs of repairs multiply.

  3. 3.Water Heater

    Water heaters are rarely used in the summer and problems with them are often postponed until the winter sets in and the need for hot water becomes urgent. And during this time, the summer and fall seasons, the damage to the water heater can increase, especially if it involves leakage which can cause corrosion. By the time a homeowner comes around to having the water heater repaired, the damage may have become too great and the unit may have to be replaced entirely. And you may have to take a cold shower in the winter! And everyone knows you have to scrub your dishes twice as hard to clean them if you are not using hot water.

  4. 4.Gutter / Roof Repair

    Out of sight, out of mind is what often applies to roof and gutter repairs. We may know that there is a small leak in the roof or that a gutter is blocked or broken. But as long as it’s not raining it’s easy to postpone the headache that involves scheduling any repair work. The problem is that when it does start to rain, it’s too late. A sufficient amount of water damage will have occurred requiring expensive repairs and possible gutter replacement. You certainly do not want to be conducting roof repair work in the rain. Moreover, all of this could have been avoided if the repairs had been done on time.

  5. 5.Frayed Electrical Wires

    A switch that is not working or a light that is flickering is a common household problem and unless it affects something essential like a security light, the TV or the refrigerator, postponing the repairs does not seem like a big issue. But frayed wires are the most common cause of home fires and the losses run into billions of dollars each year. This is something that needs to be fixed immediately or you could be looking at not just big repair costs but at finding a new house for your family or rebuilding on the same lot over the large black burn scar on it.

  6. 6.Toilet and Bath Leaks

    Since the bathroom floor is design to get wet, what’s the problem with not fixing a toilet or bath leak immediately? There are two problems. The first is that continuous dampness on the bathroom floor can seep down and affect the structure below. The second is the water leaking from the tub and, obviously, the toilet, is dirty. Do you really want to have a germ filled bathroom? Repairing or replacing damaged flooring is bad enough, but nothing is worse that repairing your health.

  7. 7.Unclogging a Toilet

    Okay, a toilet is essential, but if there is another one in the house, putting off this unpleasant job is easy. But the longer the toilet stays clogged, the harder it is to clear it. And if the job is not done properly the clog could quickly return and you could find yourself faced with the horrible job of cleaning up an overflowing toilet. The less said about this the better. Unclog a toilet as soon as you can.

  8. 8.Painting

    Never buy paint and then postpone the painting job. The longer you delay the greater the chances of the old paint fading or flaking away, resulting in a color mismatch between the old and new paint. You will need to either buy new paint to match the current shade or paint a larger area (like the entire exterior!) so that there is not any color difference.

  9. 9.Carpet / Hardwood Installation

    When it is time to replace a carpet, do it without delay. A damaged carpet will leave the flooring underneath exposed to wear and tear in patches which will affect the look of the whole floor. If you should ever want to remove the carpet, you will be left with a damaged floor. In the case of hardwood, damage and rot can quickly spread from plank to plank and the longer the repair or replacement is delayed, the more of the floor that you will need to work on.

Is easy to dismiss “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” as just another old adage that everyone grows up with. But when it comes to home repairs, nothing could be truer. A small repair today can become a major repair or replacement issue in a few days, weeks, or months. By attending to these house repairs on time and before they spiral out of control, you will not only be saving yourself money, you will also be spared the inconvenience and aggravation that large problems in or outside the home cause.

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