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How Much Does a Roof Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Roofing > How Much Does a Roof Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Roof Installation Cost?

Choosing materials and installing a roof are important steps in the construction or maintenance of your home. A number of roofing options are available to protect its contents and structure, each with installation factors that affect project prices. Consider the type, size, and features of your roof as you plan and budget for installation.

Average Prices

Roof Installation on Homes and Businesses

The size, height and characteristics of residential and commercial buildings often differ from one another, and roofing options range accordingly. Roof installations on single family homes do not generally require the use of special equipment, and are completed for an average of $2187. Apartment and commercial buildings, generally larger and taller than houses, often require large crews with special lift and safety equipment to install roofing efficiently and cost $3426 and $4863, respectively.


New and Replacement Roof Installations

Installing roofing during construction is generally an efficient process, since your roofer can install drip edge, underlayment, flashing, and shingles without working around or removing existing materials. Prices for new roof installations average $2134, compared to $3752 for replacement roof projects, which may require the removal, disposal, and replacement of roofing and flashing materials.


Roofing Obstacles

Objects that protrude from your roof require special attention when installing roofing materials. Proper sealing and flashing are needed to prevent water penetration around and under some installations. The type and number of features to accommodate on your roof will affect project pricing, with an average price of $2285 for roof installations with chimneys, $2342 for applications with skylights, and $3272 to accommodate solar panels. Working around an antenna or satellite dish may cost $2317 compared to $2963 for roofs with an air conditioning unit. Check with your contractor to see if some devices must be removed prior to your roofing installation, and if he will provide for that service of if you will be responsible for lining up a contractor or technician to handle the task.


Roof Size

Roof installations are frequently priced according to the overall square footage of the roof surface, with rates quoted “by the square”, or per 100 square feet. Small installations of less than 1000 sq. ft. cost an average of $1427 in the U.S., while roofing a 1000-1999 sq. ft. surface may cost $2218, compared to $3218 for 2000-2999 sq. ft. and $3827 for 3000-3999 sq. ft.


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a popular and cost-effective roofing material for homes across the country. Asphalt shingles require standard preparation and tools for installation, costing between $763 and $8330 to install. Improvements in quality and design options give homeowners a number of attractive style and color options with this durable and economical roofing material.


Wood Shakes

Wood shakes create a long-lasting and beautiful roof finish that can make a significant design statement for your home. While preparation for wood shakes is similar to that of other roofing materials, they are more expensive and require additional time to install, with project rates ranging from $1536 to $16768, nationally.


Metal Roofing

Metal provides a durable roofing solution, with a variety of colors, styles and materials available to protect and beautify your home. In addition to traditional panel-type systems, metal roofing materials are available in styles that replicate shingles, tile, and slate and come in a few choices of metals, including steel, aluminum, and copper. Metal roof installations may require special tools and preparation, and typically cost between $615 and $6714 in the U.S.


Flat Roof Installations

A few options exist for flat roof installations, with prices varying with materials and roof size and ranging from $748 to $8166. Traditional tar and gravel or build-up roofing provides an economical and durable surface, while new materials such as single-ply and rubber membrane provide simpler installation procedures, but come at a higher cost.


Natural Slate Roofs

Natural slate provides a classic and beautiful look for homes of many styles, and is a durable material that can last several decades with proper maintenance. Slate roof installations cost between $2338 and $18617, since special skills and tools are required. Slate is a very heavy roofing material, and installation may require framing improvements to support its weight.


Tile Roofs

Clay and concrete roofing tiles are popular in many areas throughout the U.S., with a variety of designs adding character to a number of home styles. Prices for tile roof installations typically range from $1642 and $14237, with rates affected by the type and material of tiles. Like natural slate, tile roofs are durable and fire resistant, and can last for generations.


Planning for a Roof Installation

Whether for a new construction project or as a replacement for existing roofing, proper planning for your roof installation can help ensure a beautiful and durable surface that will last for many years. Your contractor can help you select a roofing material that meets your needs and budget and that will protect your home from the elements. He can help you determine how building type, size, and the characteristics of your roof will affect installation rates and overall expenses.

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