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Room Remodel: Spare Room to Custom Closet

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Room Remodel: Spare Room to Custom Closet
Room Remodel: Spare Room to Custom Closet

When you find yourself with a spare room in your house, instead of creating a hobby room or even a sitting room, think of the opportunities for organization, instead. Turning an entire bedroom into a custom closet to house your clothing and accessories can help you increase your style in a big way.


While the process of converting a spare room into a closet isn’t difficult, it may take some time and effort to design the space to fit your needs and then make it happen. Hire a handyman to take on the job of creating a custom closet in your home.

  1. "Your storage solutions might involve hanging shelving on the walls or adding built-ins to house your accessories and necessities."

    1.Benefits of Revamping Your Spare Bedroom

    If your current closet is bursting at the seams and you never seem to have enough room to keep it organized effectively and neatly, a custom closet in the next bedroom might be a dream come true. Consider the benefits of storing your entire wardrobe throughout all the seasons without having to pack half of it away every year into storage. You will minimize your efforts by creating storage solutions for your entire wardrobe.


    Once you remove your belongings from your current closet, you might even create a “his and hers” closet arrangement with one of you taking the smaller closet in the bedroom and the other taking the larger space in the renovated spare room.


    By hiring a handyman, you can share your visions and desires and then get helpful input from the professional about design ideas and ways to maximize your space.

  2. 2.Types of Configurations

    Work to renovate the spare room can include tasks such as painting the walls, hanging shelving, installing new light fixtures that will illuminate the area effectively, installing closet hardware, installing built-in storage such as bins and benches, and installing mirrors. None of this work is particularly expensive and the finished result of the customized closet area can be satisfying and useful for you.

  3. 3.Room Preparation

    Choose a light color for the walls to create a clean and functional area. Painting the walls and trim a light, neutral shade is the first step of your spare room transformation. Your storage solutions might involve hanging shelving on the walls or adding built-ins to house your accessories and necessities.


    Track lighting will light up your closet effectively. You could also install a chandelier in the center of the room for ambient lighting.

    Think about installing an island in one area of the closet as a useful work surface for folding clothes, laying out an outfit, or even holding an open suitcase while you pack.


    Built-in drawers take the place of dressers in your bedroom, centralizing all your clothing storage and freeing some space in your bedroom.


    Add special storage options for holding jewelry, ties, scarves, shoes, purses, bags and belts.


    With a spare room, you probably even have room to create a staging area with a three-way mirror and a lit vanity for hairstyling and makeup application.


    If space permits, place one or two chairs and an occasional table in one corner for a small seating area. This can be a great place for friends to enjoy as you get ready for the day, or a night out on the town.

  4. 4.Closet Hardware Installation

    The handyman will have the experience and expertise necessary to install your closet hardware. Closet hardware includes shelving, hanging rods, hooks, garment hangers and clothing racks. The combination you create for your custom closet depends on your needs.


    Hanging shelving on the walls requires finding studs and using strong hardware that will support the weight of the shelving and the items you place on the shelves. Building benches, bins and drawers will require basic carpentry skills. If you choose to enclose shelving with bifold doors, the handyman will have the skills necessary for door installation that will add an extra element of organization to your custom closet space.

  5. 5.Cost to Remodel Room

    When you remodel an entire spare room to make it into a closet, the costs involved depend on several factors. Your geographic area is one factor that will determine the price tag of the project. The elements you include in the project also determine the overall budget. Installing closet hardware ranges in price from $108 to $264, with $168 being the average cost. Painting your spare room to prepare for the closet should range in price from $200 to $400. Hanging shelving in your new closet will range in price from $87 to $205, with $134 being the average cost. Installing built-ins for an island, bins and drawers will range in price from $162 to $730, with $344 being the average price.

  6. 6.Redbeacon

    Place a work request for Redbeacon’s assistance in finding a handyman to remodel your spare bedroom. Submit a work request that outlines the details about your remodeling project. You will receive up to four quotes from professional handymen to examine. Choose the professional you want to hire and book the project through Redbeacon. Redbeacon oversees the construction entire project while providing quality customer care to take care of all your project needs and concerns. Redbeacon accepts your payment online and the handyman will receive compensation directly.


    Transform your spare room to a whole new level by remodeling it into a custom closet. Once you have the tools for beautiful organization of your wardrobe, you will appreciate your new closet every day.

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