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Satellite Dish Repair Guide

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Satellite Dish Repair Guide

Satellite is a common way many homeowners get their television, and when everything’s working well, there’s nothing better. All your favorite channels, coming to you from space?! Truly awesome. However, there are logistics and angles in play that make satellite dishes work, and when the satellite dish goes, so does your patience.


There are a couple common causes meriting satellite dish repair, and unfortunately if you’re not a daredevil technician, you’ll most likely require professional assistance to get the job done safely. Here are a few common problems with satellite dishes:

  1. 1.That Dish is Leaning!

    If you live in an area surrounded by trees, debris from nearby can land inside of the dish, blocking the signal.

    Satellite dishes pick up their signal by pointing toward a satellite orbiting in the sky. What this means is that there is a specific angle that your dish must be angled at in order to pick up the signal. Since most dishes are mounted high up on the side of houses or on roofs, the wind and weather can knock them off their true angle, breaking the connection you once had. If you’re brave and capable, you can head up on top of the roof and adjust the dish yourself. Let us be perfectly clear though – if you have a single iota of doubt about doing that yourself – call a professional. Seriously.

  2. 2.Your Dish looks like a Dinner Plate

    If you live in an area surrounded by trees, debris from nearby can land inside of the dish, blocking the signal. This is also true in areas where there is a lot of snowfall. Branches, leaves, snow and other debris can gather up in the dish, and while some people recommend taking a hose and spraying off the dish, it’s still best to contact professional assistance to get the job done.


    Usually your satellite provider has a fleet of technicians that can come out and repair your dish. If this is not the case, many local contractors and electricians are experienced in adjusting and cleaning/repairing satellite dishes. Ask your friends if they know any local electricians who can come and check out your situation. Chances are, if you have a satellite setup, someone else you know does do – and they may have encountered a similar problem! Find out who they called to do their work, and see if that contractor is available to do yours!

  4. 3.Calling the Pros

    If at all possible, don’t schedule an appointment just to get an appraisal on the work. You already know you need this thing fixed as soon as possible, and barring any unforeseen mysteries in your home’s wiring, a satellite dish problem is the victim of a finite number of variables. See if there’s a contractor with experience and a proven track record who can: a) come check out your equipment and setup and b) execute the proper repairs all in one visit. There’s no sense in paying $100 in “appraisal fees” when you know that it’s going to be fixed.


    Ask about turnaround time as well, and make sure you can give the contractor enough time on-site to get the job done without any scheduling restrictions. The last thing you want is to have someone be there for five hours of available time when it’s a six hour job. Let them do the work completely and in one block – this will ensure you get back to your favorite shows as soon as possible!

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