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Screened-In Porch Repair

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Deck & Porch > Screened-In Porch Repair
Screened-In Porch Repair

With use and over time, a screened-in porch may suffer disrepair that detracts from its functionality and attractiveness. When you notice wear and tear of your screened porch, resolve the issues to ensure that permanent and more serious damage does not occur.


Although some of the features of a screened-in porch are inherently fragile and easy to damage, such as the screen panels and the wood framing, with attention to detail you can restore the beauty of your screened porch once again. Complete repair work in a timely fashion to ensure that the issues do not progress to more serious levels.

  1. 1.Broken Screens

    With the fragile makeup of screens, they typically show wear and even damage over time. If the damage is simply a hole or tear in the screen, you can successfully repair the hole without replacing the entire screen panel.

    Mend a small tear by applying a bead of household cement along the tear and holding the edges together long enough for the cement to set.


    Patch a larger hole or tear by cutting a patch to fit over the area. Ensure that you use replacement screen that matches the existing screen perfectly, or the repair will be blatantly obvious. With the screen panel on a flat surface, cut out around the hole or tear approximately 2 inches larger than the hole and remove the square. Cut a patch to fit the hole, making the patch about 1/2 inch larger than the hole on all sides. Weave the ends of the screen wires together around all four sides of the hole and press the wires flat.


    If the entire screen panel is sagging, replace it. Lay the panel flat and remove the trim pieces to reveal the edges of the screen. Remove the staples holding the screen in place and discard the screen. Measure and cut a new piece of screen and lay it over the panel carefully. Staple the edges of the screen to the wood framing, pulling the screen taut as you staple. Replace the wood trim pieces to finish.

  2. 2.Deteriorating Structure

    It’s important for porch flooring to slope in order to shed moisture away from the house, ensuring that water does not accumulate on the porch, causing decay. Along with decay can come the growth of fungus, which will lead to decomposing wood surfaces. You may notice porch floors decaying, paint peeling and boards splintering. It’s also possible that insect infestation and sunlight exposure may occur with time to the porch. If water leaks through the porch roof, ceiling damage and flooring damage may occur. A lack of ventilation combining with moisture can also lead to wood decay. In addition, landscaping and vegetation growing too close to the porch can contribute to moisture and wood decay.


    If you notice signs of wood decay, two projects will need attention. First, you will need to remove and replace the decayed wood to restore the integrity of the porch. Second, you will need to resolve whatever issues created the moisture problem to begin with – leaky roof, abundant vegetation or incorrect slope of the porch floor, for example.

  3. 3.Repaint/Restain

    Paint or stain in good repair will help prevent and minimize wood decay and water damage. After repairing or replacing wood on the screened porch, apply fresh paint or stain to coat the wood completely.


    The ceiling, floor, posts, beams and trim work all need a fresh coat of stain or paint. Before you apply a paintbrush to the wood, consider the color you choose for the wood. Here’s your chance to make your porch shine and sing with individuality and imagination. How about a blue ceiling, a contrasted wall or a white plank floor for a striking country appeal?


    Whatever you choose, be ready to reapply the paint or stain as often as necessary to keep it neat and tidy, sealing away unpleasant moisture problems.

  4. 4.Hiring a Professional

    Some screened-in porch repairs won’t take more than a few moments to complete and others might be more challenging for even the seasoned home improvement guru. If you’re not up to tackling structural disrepair issues, hop over to Pro Referral for the help you need. Submit a simple work request and you’ll get a list of estimates from qualified professionals who can handle the job with ease.


    Why suffer with a screened-in porch that has issues? Put a little elbow grease into the project and make your porch a pleasant place to hang out once again. The time and effort you spend will pay you back in enjoyable hours spent on the porch.

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