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Service Irrigation System Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Landscaping > Service Irrigation System Guide
Service Irrigation System Guide

If your landscape needs more water than what falls naturally, one of your most important tasks will involve watering and irrigating your plants. While you could perform this work manually, you can also simplify the task by installing a home irrigation system.


With a service irrigation system guide, your irrigation system will deliver the necessary irrigation to your landscape.

  1. Cycling enables you to deliver irrigation for a specific amount of time and then stop the irrigation to allow it to absorb into the soil.

    1.Importance of Irrigation System Maintenance

    Your irrigation system must have ongoing maintenance to ensure that it delivers the necessary water to your growing areas in an effective and efficient manner. Over time, sprinklers may lose some of their effectiveness and stop delivering irrigation where you need it. By performing regular tune-ups to the irrigation system, you ensure that it works correctly.


    It’s also important to perform seasonal adjustments for the delivery of irrigation. During the spring, it may not be necessary to deliver as much water if temperatures are cooler and regular precipitation is falling. However, if the weather heats up and dries up during the summer, you will need to adjust the irrigation levels to ensure that your landscape receives water when precipitation does not occur.

  2. 2.System Maintenance

    Set the irrigation system to deliver the water you need as the situation changes. You may be able to decrease the water delivered in the spring and autumn and increase it in the summer when the temperature rises. Newer irrigation systems enable you to fine-tune these adjustments for optimal water conservation.


    Check cycling settings of an irrigation system to ensure that you utilize this feature, if possible. Cycling enables you to deliver irrigation for a specific amount of time and then stop the irrigation to allow it to absorb into the soil. After a short absorption time, the irrigation will start again to finish delivering the moisture. This prevents runoff from occurring, which wastes water and may damage a landscape.


    Check the heads of the irrigation system to ensure that they are intact. If heads become broken, this can create an excess of moisture in some areas and runoff may occur. Check the spray heads to ensure that they are aligned correctly, delivering water exactly where you need it to go. Sometimes spray nozzles need cleaning and the filters in the nozzles need replacing.


    Check valve boxes to ensure that valves are intact and do not leak. Check the pressure of the spray heads to ensure that they spray without misting. Misting indicates that the pressure is too high – avoid misting because the moisture often simply blows away without landing on your landscape where you need it.

  4. 3.Preventing Irrigation Issues

    A well-maintained irrigation system ensures that you do not waste water and ensures that your landscape receives the irrigation it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. Because water is both expensive and valuable, it’s important not to waste it with a poorly maintained irrigation system.

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