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Short and Long Term Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Energy Efficiency > Short and Long Term Benefits of Energy Efficiency
Short and Long Term Benefits of Energy Efficiency

As a home owner you have been debating about the advantages and disadvantages of improving the energy efficiency of your home. After all, to improve its efficiency you have to ask for an energy audit and spend time and money to air seal your home, improve its insulation, and replace energy inefficient appliances. While these considerations are real, the advantages of an energy efficient home far out-weigh these short term disadvantages.


Studies have shown that an energy efficient home reduces energy bills substantially, and the cost of the improvements can be recovered in between three and five years. Therefore, it makes financial sense to improve the energy efficiency of your home as soon as possible.

  1. 1.Benefits of Energy Efficiency

    Not only will you immediately enjoy lower energy bills, but the value of your home will appreciate.

    There are many short term and long term benefits of ensuring that your home is energy efficient. You will be saving money in multiple ways, enhancing the value of your home, and contributing toward the sustainability of the environment as well.

  2. 2.Short-term Advantages

    1. Lower utility bills: Every home improvement you undertake that increases its energy efficiency will reduce your energy bill. While some improvements such as greater insulation deliver substantial reductions, even low-cost improvements such as changing over to compact fluorescent lamps in high use areas can reduce your energy bill. The greater savings in your energy bill can be used for retirement savings or to pursue other interests that were placed on the back burner because of a lack of funds. Contact a professional, focused, and concrete energy auditor to find out what you need to do to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
    2. Apart from saving you money, many energy efficient moves also lead to greater comfort. For instance, an air sealed home will not have draughts or unevenly heated or cooled rooms. Compact fluorescent lamps give out much less heat than incandescent lamps, making them a cooler lighting option during the hot months.
    3. When appliances are used for a lesser time they last longer. For instance, in an air sealed and insulated home, the air conditioner and heater do not get switched on and off frequently, reducing their wear and tear. You will save on maintenance and repair costs of appliances.
    4. Some states offer tax rebates for the energy efficient modifications. Just check with your local government for details on which modifications qualify for tax rebates and concessions.

  3. 3.Long Term Advantages

    1. Sustainability of the environment: When you reduce energy consumption at home or factories, you reduce the emission of greenhouse gases as well as the consumption of water. When many people switch to energy efficient homes and appliances, the environment benefits and global warming and climate change are at least postponed.
    2. Better value for your home: The resale value of a home that is energy efficient is certainly greater than one that is not. Potential buyers are likely to be willing to pay more for a home that will save them money on their utilities. Your home is also likely to be sold much more quickly than one that has not been made energy efficient.
    3. Lower energy prices: Reduced demand for resources can lead to lower energy prices in the long term. Most utilities charge a higher rate during peak hours and when demand is greater. When everyone decides to make their homes more energy efficient, demand for energy will come down or remain stable, leading to price moderation.

  4. 4.Multiple Advantages

    An energy efficient home provides multiple advantages over an energy-inefficient one. By investing time, money, and energy in converting your home into an energy-efficient one you will be benefiting in multiple ways. Not only will you immediately enjoy lower energy bills, but the value of your home will appreciate. Moreover, you can take pride in having contributed to a greener world. Enjoy living in a more comfortable home that ensures that your appliances last longer.

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