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Shower Faucet Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Shower Faucet Installation Guide
Shower Faucet Installation Guide

When you need fast rejuvenation or a quick rinse-off, heading to the shower is a likely response. If your current shower faucet doesn’t work effectively, your shower will not deliver the necessary and desired results.


Although you might have the inclination necessary for tackling home improvement projects such as a shower faucet installation, some projects are best left to the professionals. Plumbing might be one of those areas where you can appreciate a professional’s expertise and attention to detail. With a professional plumber on the job, your new shower faucet will go in quickly and efficiently and your shower will be in working order again.

  1. 1.Shower Faucet Components

    The faucet is the control for the shower, to turn the water on and off and to adjust the temperature of the water between hot and cold. The shower faucet contains the lever or knobs for water control. Some faucet styles feature one-handled units and others feature two-handled units. Shower faucets can be traditional or contemporary, coming in a variety of finishes. Some shower faucets feature a special “PosiTemp” pressure-balancing valve that helps you maintain the desired water temperature in your shower.

  3. 2.The Installation Process

    The installation process of a shower faucet depends on whether you are replacing the faucet or installing a completely new shower in your bathroom. Before installing the faucet, the professional will prepare the valve and then install it in the correct location within your shower. Pipes must connect to the valve for the water supply and the piping must secure to the framing around your shower. After installing or reinstalling the wall of the shower, the next step involves installing the face plate and handle or handles of the faucet. Generally, the face place and handles screw in with standard screws.

  5. 3.Benefits of a Professional Installation

    With a professional plumber, the installation process will be faster and simpler than it would be if you attempted to install it yourself. One of the most challenging aspects of a shower faucet installation is the removal of tiles or shower surround to access the plumbing in the wall behind the shower. After removing the building materials to access the plumbing, the professional can proceed with the installation. The plumber will also reinstall the wall, tile and surround materials to finish the installation of the shower faucet. The professional will have the tools and equipment necessary to install the shower faucet efficiently. The plumber will also have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that the job proceeds without errors or issues. Installing the faucet yourself could result in costly mistakes that necessitate replacement parts or other repairs.

  7. 4.Tools Necessary for Installation

    The professional will use common screwdrivers, both adjustable and pipe wrenches, a strap wrench, a torque wrench and a hacksaw. In addition, the plumber will use Teflon tape, an Allen wrench and a soldering set. Although you might have some of these items, it’s unlikely that you possess some of the specialty wrenches.

  9. 5.Possible Problems

    After finishing a shower faucet installation, it’s important to troubleshoot the system to ensure that no issues or problems exist. With improper installation, you might experience leaks coming from in or around the faucet. Leaks may occur due to incorrect pipe connections or under-tightening or over-tightening the connections. You may encounter significant damage to walls and flooring if a leak occurs and you do not realize your faucet is leaking.

  11. 6.Cost of Shower Faucet Installation

    The cost to hire a professional plumber to install your shower faucet is not significant, regardless of where you live. The price ranges from $87 to $187, depending on your region of the country as well as other factors of the job. Your installation price might go up or down depending on the style of your faucet, the existing conditions in your shower and other work necessary to install the faucet.


Upgrade your shower to make it more attractive and more efficient with a new shower faucet. Once you have your new shower faucet in place, you might wonder why you didn’t replace it sooner.

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