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How Much Does a Skylight Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Door & Window > How Much Does a Skylight Repair Cost?
How Much Does a Skylight Repair Cost?

You have probably spent several hundreds if not thousands of dollars installing a skylight on to your roof. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding out that your investment is not working properly and is causing more damage to the interior of your home. It is recommended that you check with your roofing or installation company to see if the labor is still under warranty, if this is not the case, contact a professional to assess the roof from the interior of your home and on top of your roof. The cost of repairing a skylight will depend on the severity of the damage along with the difficulty of accessing it on the roof.

Average Prices

Skylight Discoloration

If your skylight is positioned in a location where it is directly hit by the sun, UV rays can cause discoloration over time and display unappealing yellow spots around the glass. Depending on how severe the discoloration is, the glass can either be replaced by the manufacturer or cleaned with proper cleaning solutions. Nationally, rates to repair a discolored skylight fall between $113 and $214. Many systems are now layered with a low emissive coating to protect and prevent this from happening.


Condensation of Skylights

Condensation occurs when humid air inside of your house rises and makes contact with your skylight. New homes can take a year or two to completely get rid of moisture from the building materials used. Adding humidifiers inside of your home can aid with this problem. The cost to have an experienced roofer or technician seal the outside and inside of the skylight to prevent condensation falls between $284 and $417. Ensure that they properly install felt paper between the flashing and the sheathing as this a leading cause of moisture penetration.


Leaking Skylight

When there is a leak, the skylight itself can become damaged along with the wood sheathing on the roof, the ceiling, insulation, and interior paint. Improper flashing installation or worn out sealants are common causes of leaks. Have a professional inspect all exterior and interior problems. National prices to repair a leaking skylight fall between $75 and $223. The height of the roof and pitch are main factors that technicians will need to consider for a repair. The higher a roof is, the more difficult and riskier it will be to work on. Make sure you repair any other damaged material in your home caused by the leak to avoid mildew problems in the future.


Cracked Skylight

Cracks on skylights can be caused by hail, debris, or even sunlight. A crack that is severe enough to cause a leak should be repaired immediately before water penetrates and causes further damage. The cost of repairing a cracked glass can range between $107 and $317. A technician will need to measure the dimensions of the glass and order a new one unless it is a stock size carried by a manufacturer. If your skylight is over 10 years old, chances are that you will need to have an entire new skylight installed.


Motor or Manual Control is Broken

Some manufacturers offer venting skylights to allow cool air in whenever you need it. Venting skylights are great for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can build up and cause mildew problems. The frame and glass can be raised either electronically or manually. If you have an electronic system and the motor needs to be replaced or repaired, expect to pay a national price range between $137 and $418.


Skylight Not Properly Sealed to Roof

If you notice that your skylight is not completely sealed to the roof or have noticed that the metal frame is lifting off of the roof, this is most likely caused by improper installation. This situation should be addressed immediately as it can allow large amounts of water to enter your home. National prices to correct this problem range between $121 and $286. A professional installer should pay close attention to the flashing around the skylight and ensure that the correct fasteners are being used to hold the skylight in place. Caulking and the appropriate sealant should neatly surround the skylight and cover any exposed nail heads.


These systems are great for extra sunlight and air into any part of your home or business. Skylights are now manufactured for easy installation and built to last a very long time. The sooner you detect a problem and get your skylight repaired, the more money you can save. If you are not comfortable with getting on top of your roof, have a licensed roofer perform your inspection and provide you with an estimate detailing how any problems will be repaired and how long the craftsmanship warranty is valid for.

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