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Small House? 10 Ways to Make It Feel Larger

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > Small House? 10 Ways to Make It Feel Larger
Small House? 10 Ways to Make It Feel Larger

In my opinion, mansions are overrated and small spaces are where it’s at. Granted, I’ve never actually lived in a huge mansion. However, I’m sure that even if I had, a small and cozy home would still be my preference. Small homes feel intimate and personal. They cost less to heat and cool. And they eliminate the need to haul in a lot of unnecessary stuff.


Even though small homes are pretty cool, there are times when the owner of a small home can get frustrated with the limited amount of space. Maybe you are feeling cramped and cluttered. Maybe you are just wishing for a mansion of your very own. No matter what the case, you have come to the right place. Here are 10 ways to make your small house feel larger.

  1. 1.Eliminate Clutter

    Nothing makes a space feel smaller than a bunch of unnecessary clutter and trash. Get rid of piles of papers and old magazines. Give away furniture that you don’t like and don’t use. A good way to tackle a cluttered room is by getting three large bins. Label them “keep” “trash” and “give away.” That way, it will be easy for you to quickly find a home for the stuff you want to keep and it will be just as easy for the trash and give away pile to make it’s way out of your house.

  2. 2.Get organized

    Once you have cleared out what you don’t want, figure out the best way to store the things you do want. There are specialty stores that offer whole custom-made organization systems for your closets. They make it virtually impossible for your home to be messy. If you aren’t interested in that, find creative ways of your own to keep your house organized. Since your house is short on space, find furniture pieces that serve double purposes. For example, get a coffee table that has storage underneath.

  3. 3.Use Color

    You may think that because you have a small house, color is off-limits. It’s true that white and beige can make things look more open and airy. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own punches of color, too. Paint one entire wall a pretty red or blue. Use lovely, colorful rugs to cover the floor. Flowers and window dressings are another way to introduce color to your smaller space.

  5. 4.Get Creative

    Find unique ways to use the space you have. One way to do this is by buying a loft style bed and then using the space beneath the bed to store a desk or entertainment center. Segment off one large room into two smaller rooms using decorative screens. Attach castors to the bottom of your furniture so that you can roll it out of the way when it’s not in use.

  6. 5.Expand into the Great Outdoors

    Remember that the area outside of your home is part of your property, too. You can expand your home to create a space where you can enjoy nature while feeling a bit more freedom. Look into having a sunroom attached to your home. If you want something less permanent, invest in a large awning you can roll down and keep the sun off your face on warm days. You might also want to create a nice patio area in your backyard.

  7. 6.Pocket Doors

    Pocket doors aren’t that popular, but they are pretty cool. Instead of swinging out like a standard door, pocket doors slide along a track. By sliding instead of swinging, these doors take up less space.

  8. 7.Windows

    Let the sun shine in! Dark rooms can feel claustrophobic and closed in. Put in some more windows to make your room feel larger and more open. The right kinds of windows can even bring down your heating and air conditioning costs. Buy energy efficient windows to help seal your home while adding to its beauty. Keep the curtains you use on the windows light and airy, too so that you get the full benefit of lots of light and sun.

  10. 8.Get More Out of the Space you Have

    Make your rooms serve double duty. When your formal dining room isn’t being used as a dining room, it can play the part of playroom or homework room. When you have a guest coming in from out of town, turn your kids’ playroom into a guest room. A futon is great for this very reason. It can serve as a bed or a couch.

  11. 9.Think Up

    That is, decorate vertically instead of horizontally. Because you have limited space, you probably shouldn’t invest in a lot of end tables. However, you can store your knick knacks on the wall using book shelves and shelving. You can also use your walls to hang pictures, hooks for storage, or anything else you can think of.

  12. 10.Mirrors

    By reflecting light, mirrors help create the optical illusion of more space. That’s because they reflect light. Use a large mirror mounted on the wall to double the apparent size of a room. You can even use a lot of smaller mirrors to accomplish the same goal with a slightly more artsy look.


    Don’t get frustrated by your small space – get creative! There are lots of fun and interesting ways for you to transform your small home into the home of your dreams. Use some of these tricks and your little paradise will feel like a huge mansion in no time at all!

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