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5 Spiffy Blind Cleaning Tips

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > 5 Spiffy Blind Cleaning Tips
5 Spiffy Blind Cleaning Tips

Blind cleaning sounds about as appetizing as filing your taxes or paying a speeding ticket. But, like so many adult responsibilities, it must be done.


When it comes to keeping your house clean, the blinds that cover your windows might be a forgotten task. Window blinds are an attractive way to keep the sun out while also keeping your home private. However, window blinds can be havens for dust mites, allergens and other undesirables that can make you, your family and your pets sick.


Dust mites are tiny little bugs that live in our homes and feed off of flakes of dead skin that we shed on a daily basis. In low concentrations, they’re harmless, but in higher concentrations, they could cause problems. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, nearly one in two homes contains a concentration of dust mites high enough to trigger allergies. It’s no fun to walk around a sniffling, sneezing mess – so eliminating those dust mites is key.

    Dust and allergens build up quickly inside the home, so it’s important to remember to clean your window blinds.
  1. 1.Vacuum Your Blinds

    Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean dirty, dusty blinds. Make sure to clean across the slats, not up and down. If you need to stand on a chair to get up high, make sure you have someone with you, helping to support the vacuum and making sure you don’t fall.

  2. 2.Soak Your Blinds

    As long as your blinds aren’t wooden, they can benefit from a good soak in warm, soapy water. This will help remove from all surface areas that dusting may miss. Another option is taking the blinds outside and giving them a good spray with your hose. If you’re looking for a quicker fix, you can give them a quick wipe down with a clean, soapy rag.

  3. 3.Regularly Clean Your Blinds

    Dust and allergens build up quickly inside the home, so it’s important to remember to clean your window blinds. Set aside a day where you know you will focus on cleaning them. You can even set a reminder in your smart phone.

  4. 4.Wash Your Blinds

    Many fabric blinds can be cleaned in your washing machine. However, to make sure they remain intact, make sure you use gentle soap, cold water and wash on the delicate cycle. Then, hang flat to dry.

  5. 5.Cleaning Wood Blinds

    Wood blinds can be a bit more pricy than metal or plastic ones. They can also need special care. Use special wood cleaning soap to wash them off. Avoid exposure to lots of water, which can warp the wood. Using furniture polish can help your wood blinds really shine.

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