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Spring Fling! Your Essential Cleaning Checklist!

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > Spring Fling! Your Essential Cleaning Checklist!
Spring Fling! Your Essential Cleaning Checklist!

Winter can’t last forever – it may just seem like it will when the cold and snow continue to blow and swirl with unrelenting fury. Although it might still be a little raw outdoors, you can stay busy with spring cleaning projects in anticipation of the arrival of spring.


Because you want to get the job done as effectively and as efficiently as possible, check out the helpful tips and information available on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website. Once you see how efficiency can make your job easier and get it done more quickly, you may just fly through the house.


Get your house gleaming with the essential spring cleaning checklist. The spring fling for this year promises to have huge results in your home.

  1. 1.The Kitchen

    Once springtime rolls around, it’s time to give your kitchen a little extra attention. Pull out your appliances that move – like your refrigerator and range – and deep clean behind and under these appliances. Clean the inside of the oven, either with the cleaning option of the oven or with your own elbow grease. Give the fronts of your cupboards some effort to scrub off the dirt and grime that accumulates with cooking. If you have open areas above your cupboards, now is the time to empty them, clean away the dust and cobwebs and wipe down any items that sit up there.

  2. 2.The Bathroom

    Bathrooms can benefit from spring cleaning, too. Do a little clutter control throughout the bathroom to take care of errant bottles and containers that tend to accumulate throughout the room. Dust for cobwebs around the ceiling. Empty the medicine cabinet, checking each item carefully. If you find old, empty or expired products, dispose of them. Wash out the inside of the medicine cabinet and return the items. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray down the bathroom from top to bottom. Follow the spray-down with a good wipe-down to remove all the dirt and grime. Disinfect the bathtub, shower and toilet with a disinfecting cleaner. Remove the curtains from the windows and wash them while you wash the windows, too.

  3. 3.The Bedroom

    Turn your attention to the bedroom to whip it into shape. Pick up all clothes scattered around the room – either wash them or put them away. Clean off your dresser and any tabletops, decluttering as you go. Strip your bed and wash all the linens, including your bed skirt. While the mattress is open, flip and rotate it. Wash all curtains and wipe down mini blinds. Dust the room from top to bottom. Move furniture and perform a thorough vacuum of the entire room, too.

  5. 4.The Garage

    Don’t leave the garage out of the picture when you’re cleaning up your home. Garages can accumulate significant clutter, so spend some time sifting through the clutter in the garage, either tossing it or putting it away. Once you remove all the clutter, sweep and scrub down the floor. Reorganize the items you plan to store in the garage and you’re done!

  6. 5.The Yard

    Your yard takes a lot of abuse throughout the autumn and winter months. By the time spring arrives, months of debris and muck have likely accumulated. Clean out behind, under and around shrubs and trees to remove all debris. Remove mulch you placed around plants for winter protection. Replace mulch that will stay in place year-round to keep it attractive. Thatch your grass to remove the dead growth and help get it ready for a new growing season.

  7. 6.The Entryway

    Anyone who arrives at your home sees your entryway first. It’s important to make a good impression, so spiff up your entryway with some spring cleaning. Clean any outdoor lights to remove grime and dust, replacing light bulbs as necessary. Wash walls, baseboards and floors to remove dirt. Replace your doormat with a fresh new one. Switch out the wreath on your door with something suitable for the spring season.

  8. 7.The Dining Room

    Spiff up your dining room as you work your way through your home. Wipe down all furniture well with a damp cloth. Perform a thorough sweeping and scrubbing of the floor, under and around all furniture. Empty your china hutch, wash all items, dust the inside of the hutch and return everything. Dust all light fixtures. Replace the tablecloth on the table. Wash all window coverings and wash the windows.

  10. 8.The Living Room

    A few efforts in the living room will make it fresh and inviting for spring. Toss all throws and blankets into the washing machine. Remove all window coverings and either wash them yourself or have them cleaned professionally. Wash the windows while they’re bare. Take down all the pictures, dust them and then wipe down the walls. Move furniture, clean under every item and vacuum the furniture. Dust all items in the room. Vacuum the room thoroughly. Put everything back in its place to finish.

  11. 9.The Home Office

    Tame the clutter in your home office as a part of your spring cleaning efforts. Toss the trash and find a place for everything else. Put away papers to minimize the piles. If necessary, institute a new system for controlling your paper chaos. Dust your office from top to bottom to get rid of the cobwebs.

  12. 10.The Kids’ Rooms

    Involve the kids in spring cleaning their room – working as a team can minimize the time and effort. Eliminate the clutter that tends to accumulate in your kids’ rooms. Go through clothing and separate out the items your kids have outgrown. Put away items they still use. In the process, if you find items your kids need, make a shopping list. Wash bedding and window coverings. Wash the windows and dust the room. Perform a complete vacuum and call it done.


    Although spring cleaning takes time and effort, you’ll enjoy such a huge sense of accomplishment when you’re done with the work. Enjoy the order and the spotlessness of your home! Don’t forget to stop by the Red Beacon website for more spring cleaning suggestions, too.

“A few efforts in the living room will make it fresh and inviting for spring. Toss all throws and blankets into the washing machine.”

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