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Styling Your Home Office: Installing Lighting

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Electrical > Styling Your Home Office: Installing Lighting
Styling Your Home Office: Installing Lighting

Your home office shouldn’t be a place where you skimp on quality, and cut corners on the features you need for productivity. Effective lighting brings everything into focus and helps you get your work done efficiently. Lighting need not be boring or ho-hum, though. As you add lighting to your home office, do it in style.


Bring in a professional electrician as you style your home office with new lighting. Not only will you get the work done correctly, you can add innovative and imaginative features that exude your personal style.

  1. With productivity and comfort being priorities for this space, the task lighting will obviously be an important considerations.

    1.Types of Lighting Installations

    You’ve got three different types of lighting from which to choose as you design the lighting for your home office.


    Ambient lighting typically sits in the ceiling or on the walls, and serves as the overall lighting for a room. Examples of ambient lighting include any wall- or ceiling-mounted fixture, including recessed lights, sconces and chandeliers.


    Task lighting is the workhorse lighting that shines a light on whatever you need to do. Task lighting helps illuminate kitchen work, reading, deskwork, hobbies or grooming in the bathroom. Examples of task lighting include track lighting, desk lamps and pendant lighting.


    Accent lighting sets the mood and enables you to create various styles and designs in your interior rooms. With accent lighting, you draw the eye to wall décor, architectural features, or focal points in a room. Examples of accent lighting include up lights or picture lights.

  2. 2.Style and Design

    As you’re creating your home office lighting style, give some thought to the style and design you want to achieve. With productivity and comfort being priorities for this space, the task lighting will obviously be important considerations. There’s no reason why the lighting you choose can’t be stylish, though.


    Get an expert’s opinion on the location of the lighting you install to enable you to avoid glare, which can cause eyestrain. Lighting can also be effective for helping a small home office feel larger. Try opening up your ceiling area with up-lights. Hide imperfections with down-lighting. Add soft, ambient lighting to make your home office seem more inviting.


    Keep in mind -- you have to spend time in your home office working, but it need not be unpleasant. This will involve a winning combination of task lighting and ambient lighting to reduce eyestrain, as well as accent lighting to make the space more inviting.

  3. 3.Site Preparation

    Preparing your home office for lighting installation will involve electrical work, performed by the electrician. After choosing the light fixtures you want to install, the electrician will prepare the installation site for the new lighting. Turning off the power in the room is the first order of business, to ensure safety. Before any work begins, it’s also important to test the power in the room with a circuit tester to ensure that the power is off and you’re ready to begin.

  4. 4.Installation Process

    The installation process of the lighting depends on the type of lighting. Recessed lighting in ceilings or walls will require preparation of the area to make space for the light fixtures. Mounting brackets must go in and the wiring must connect to the new light fixtures. Lights that mount to the ceiling or walls without recessing into the surface must also have mounting brackets installed and then wiring connected. The electrician has the knowledge and skills to complete this process correctly.

  5. 5.Cost to Install New Lighting

    The cost to install your new lighting in your home office depends on your geographic location, the number of lights you want installed, and the types of lighting you have selected. If an electrician has extensive work to prepare the site for installation, this will increase your installation price. If an electrician finds issues or problems with your electrical wiring in the process of installing the new lighting, work will take longer and you will pay more. The price for light installation varies from $96 to $248, with $155 being the average cost for installation.

  6. 6.Redbeacon

    Request Redbeacon’s assistance in finding an electrician to install new lighting in your home office. Submit a work request that outlines the details about your lighting project. You will receive up to four quotes from professional electricians to examine. Choose the professional you want to hire and book the project through. Redbeacon oversees the entire project while providing quality customer care to take care of all your project needs. Redbeacon accepts your payment online and the electrician will receive compensation through Redbeacon. You will be happy with the work, also because Redbeacon guarantees it with its assurance of quality.


    Shed new light on your home office set up by calling in an electrician to install new lighting. With your newly efficient home office, you can enjoy many hours of convenient work in your home.

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