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Styling Your Kitchen: Choosing Appliances

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Appliance > Styling Your Kitchen: Choosing Appliances
Styling Your Kitchen: Choosing Appliances

Redesigning or updating your kitchen should certainly involve replacing old and outdated appliances with new ones. New appliances can create an instant update to your kitchen, making it appear stylish and innovative. You’ll have many details to consider as you choose new appliances for your kitchen.


Once you have chosen your new appliances, it’s time to install them into their new locations. The process of appliance installation is generally straightforward, but it’s important to get the job done right by hiring an expert appliance installer.

  1. "As you choose and install new appliances in your kitchen, you may need to reconfigure your kitchen layout to accommodate the new appliances."

    1.Benefits of Upgrading Your Appliances

    Replacing your kitchen appliances can result in some key benefits for you and your home. Over time and with use, kitchen appliances wear out and become less efficient. Appliance manufacturers are continually updating and redesigning appliances to make them more efficient and more useful, so with new appliances you might be surprised at the innovations that are now standard features. Often, newer appliances also have new safety features that older appliances do not have. Newer appliances are generally more energy efficient, which can save you money over the long-term as you use them. Installing new kitchen appliances can also increase the resale value of your home. If your older appliances did not match, or weren’t the top of the line, you can make significant improvements to your kitchen by replacing them with newer models.

  2. 2.Types of Appliances

    Kitchen appliances include refrigerator/freezers, oven/stovetops, microwave ovens, dishwashers and trash compactors. Within these general categories, you have many different options in energy efficiency, style, design, size, color and features. Some appliances are built-ins and others do not require the same level of installation. Consider the overall style and design of your kitchen, as well as your budget for appliances as you begin to choose the models you want.


    High-end, luxury appliances feature exquisite craftsmanship, superior design, high-quality materials and an expensive price tag. If your kitchen needs nothing but the best, be prepared to pay for it. With the investment, you’ll get appliances that will stay beautiful and in working order for many years.


    When energy efficiency is your priority however, focus on appliances with the Energy Star rating. These appliances will save you money in operating costs because the units use less energy and less resources. You can also feel better knowing the positive impact you're making, as your home is contributing to less environmental pollution. You might find a high contrast between the costs to use your old appliances, and the costs to use newer Energy Star appliances.

  3. 3.Reconfiguring Your Kitchen

    As you choose and install new appliances in your kitchen, you may need to reconfigure the existing layout to accommodate the new appliances. Reorganizing your kitchen could necessitate the need for new gas lines for your stove and oven, before installing a new appliance. A refrigerator with a built-in icemaker and water will require water lines traveling to the unit. If you move your refrigerator to a new location, you will need to reconfigure the plumbing. A dishwasher also requires plumbing hookups, which could also require additional work to reconfigure plumbing lines.

  4. 4.Installation Process

    While you might be able to follow an installation manual and install your own kitchen appliances, there are benefits to turning the job over to a professional. A professional will move through the installation process quickly to complete it in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it. Professionals install appliances expertly without trial and error that could lead to costly mistakes. If complications arise, a professional knows how to make appropriate adjustments to resolve any issues. A strong knowledge about appliances makes these adaptions possible, without risking damage to your home or new appliances.

  5. 5.Cost to Install New Appliances

    The costs to install new kitchen appliances varies depending on your geographic location and the appliances you are installing. The cost to install a new dishwasher in your home will vary from $112 to $207, with $153 being the average cost. The cost to install a new stove/cooktop varies from $115 to $255 with $171 being the average cost. The cost to install a new refrigerator ranges from $106 to $202, with $146 being the average cost. High-end appliances typically cost more to install than budget appliances.

  6. 6.Redbeacon

    Request Redbeacon’s assistance in finding an appliance installer to install new appliances in your kitchen. Submit a work request that defines the details about your kitchen project. You will receive up to four quotes from professional contractors to examine. Choose the professional you want to hire and book the project through Redbeacon. Redbeacon oversees the entire installation project while providing quality customer care to take care of all your questions and concerns. Redbeacon accepts your payment online and the contractor will receive compensation through Redbeacon.


    Increase your kitchen’s gourmet style and design by replacing old appliances with new ones. Get a professional appliance installer on the job to ensure extraordinary results.

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