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Summer Interior Decoration Ideas

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > Summer Interior Decoration Ideas
Summer Interior Decoration Ideas

Most people think of the summer months as a time to slow-down. A time to relax. A time to hit the vacation trail and get a change of scenery. What about bringing the spirit of the season into your home?

  1. 1.Outdoors Inside

    Be creative and take risks. Enjoying your space is the goal… so don’t get stressed as you head off into the season.

    Start by creating a focus to your interior decorating. Pick an overall look that screams summer. Choose a summer theme – nautical, fruits, flowers, fish – and decorate around them. Knowing where you’re going always makes the journey easier.


    Winter can lead to cabin fever. Spring and summer seasons are times to break the chains and head into the wild blue yonder. Bring the sights and smells inside with plants, fresh fruit displays and flowers. Pull out the vases and garnish every room with blooms.


    Head to the crafts store. Scoop up some prints and frames. Pictures of the ocean, flowers and other botanical prints, once framed, can further enhance the theme you’ve picked.


    Do you have any dinnerware which is floral or bright colored? Set your dining room table as if you’re about to entertain the Garden Club. Don’t forget the yellow napkins.

  2. 2.Furniture And Fabrics

    Chairs that are covered in dark fabric don’t convey the warm months of the year. Same for tables and sofas. The easiest way to brighten up the room is to incorporate light-colored slip covers and mini-tablecloths with the furniture. Decorative throws and pillows that use summer colors like yellow, white, orange, bright greens and light blues will help your room explode from April-to-August.


    Throw rugs add an immediate splash of color to every room, too. While it might not be practical to go for white rugs, eco-friendly materials like hemp, jute and bamboo area rugs help transport the natural feel of the summer indoors.


    Curtains can also instantly add brilliance to your room. If you have drapes made of heavy material, invest in airy curtains. Pair the window covering with sheers to layer the lightness. Do you have a great view of the world outside? Consider valances instead of curtains. Summer textures and colored valances complete the window-look and allow you to bring the outdoors inside.

  3. 3.Kid Friendly

    Warm days lead to your child’s summer vacation. They’re going to be hanging around the house. Are all of your fabrics washing-machine safe? That way in case anything gets spilled, clean it and bring it back into play.


    Enlist the kids into some summer arts and crafts work around the house. Take an afternoon and go to the forest or the beach. Bring your children and some baskets. Tell them their mission is to collect things like pine cones, seashells and other natural materials. Their creativity can turn into innocent displays that you can highlight around your home.

  5. 4.Final Tips

    As you transform your living space into a summer place, here are some underlying things to consider:


    • Keep in mind the function of the room that you’re preparing for the season. Traffic flow, use of the space and meeting areas should be taken into account


    • Once you’ve figured out how you will handle the furniture pieces, bring in the accessories. They are not step-children. Put just as much love into the little details as you did with the large stuff


    • Any design is based on your taste. Be flexible, though. If the look of an individual piece doesn’t work in your eyes, experiment with another approach. And never short-change your instincts


    With that in mind, this make-over can be a lot of fun. Be creative and take risks. Enjoying your space is the goal… so don’t get stressed as you head off into the season.

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