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Sun Porch Guide

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Sun Porch Guide

Installing a sun porch is one way to personalize your home and make it comfortable for you. A sun porch is a room that is made up mostly of glass to allow for maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. Sun porches are great for people who like to enjoy the outdoors without getting too outdoorsy. But, they can get pretty hot, so homeowners have to take steps to ensure the rooms stay comfortable.


Before you do anything, take some time to consider your decision. Think about why you want the sun porch and who will use it. Will it be a playroom for kids, or a quiet place to relax? Think about the logistics - Where will it go? How large will it be? What kinds of windows or doors do you want? Will you want a skylight? It’s good to have a clear picture of what you want to help the job move along faster.


Where do you go when you’ve decided you want a sun porch for your own home?

  1. 1.Sun Porch Positioning

    When you think about where you want to put your sunroom you should consider two things: available space and positioning of the sun.

    When you think about where you want to put your sunroom you should consider two things: available space and positioning of the sun. Inspect the area outside your home, looking for extra space that would accommodate your sun room. You might have to remove some trees, relocate playground equipment or dig up a garden in order to make your sunroom happen. Next think how you would like to enjoy the sun. If you enjoy bright sunny mornings, you may want to position your room more to the east. Positioning your room to the west means it will get pretty hot in the afternoon, but you can enjoy beautiful sunsets there.

  2. 2.Sun Porch Window Options

    You have tons of window options available to you, however one thing you should consider when thinking about a sun room is energy efficiency and protection from the sun. When shopping for windows, consider the R-value, or resistance to heat flow. According to the Arizona Public Service Company (APSC), the higher the R-value, the more effective the window is in reducing heating and cooling costs. The window frames also play a big role in insulating your home. Vinyl and wood frames are better at insulating than metal, the Company says. Another factor to consider is the shading coefficient. “The shading coefficient measures a window’s effectiveness at blocking solar heat,” the APSC says.

  3. 3.Sun Porch Climate Control

    Talk to your contractor about ways to keep your sun porch from getting too hot. You may want to add some sturdy window blinds to all the windows. Another option is to install a fan. Some other options are installing a window air conditioning unit or extending your home’s existing air conditioning system to include the room.

  4. 4.Find Sun Porch Contractor

    A good contractor is essential to helping you get the sun porch you want. Choose someone who will give you an up-front cost estimate. Have them come over to inspect your home to see if it’s a good fit for a room add-on. Explain to him or her what you have in mind. Ask them if you can see pictures of past work. Many companies will now feature photos like this on their website, as well as customer testimonials. Ask friends who have had similar projects done who did the work.

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