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How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost?

Over time, tile and grout accumulate dirt, and grime, hiding the beautiful colors they had when they were newly installed. Professional cleaning of these surfaces on a routine basis can maintain the beauty of the product, and avoid the cost of replacement often made necessary through neglect. While household cleaners can remove surface dirt and debris, professional service is periodically required to maintain the original finish and luster. The expense of this service will be minimal if done on a regular basis, and make every day cleaning a breeze.

Average Prices


Tile and grout in shower and bathtub areas are difficult to keep clean. Soap scum and dirt infiltrates the porous surfaces, becoming nearly impossible to remove with standard household cleansers. Industrial strength products are often the only solution that prove effective, but can be hazardous if not used properly. Professional cleaning personnel trained to handle these products are the best option to tackle your cleaning needs. They will clean your tile and grout safely and efficiently in minimal time and the service will cost between $83 and $190.



Tile and grout stains in cooking and food prep areas of the kitchen are not only unsightly, they are unsanitary as well. Trying to scrape these stains off with a spatula, knife or other kitchen utensil can scratch the tile and cause grout to fall out. Strong household cleaners are often combustible, and rarely remove all the grease and food debris from the grout. Your local cleaning company knows exactly how to remove those stubborn stains. The cost for this service can be from $93 to $215.


Laundry Room

Moving washers and dryers to clean behind them is no easy task. Drains, dryer vents, and power supplies have to be disconnected. Laundry tubs, and sinks, are challenging to reach behind, requiring special tools to reach obscure areas. It can be frustrating and unrewarding to attempt this cleaning task yourself. Call a service company instead. You will only need to spend between $78 and $137, and you won’t be all wore out when the job is done.


Countertop Size

If you are the owner of an unglazed tile countertop, you probably already know they are extremely difficult to maintain. Spillage can disfigure the surface, leaving colors you never knew existed, and certainly don’t want. Care must always be taken to avoid this type of damage. When it does happen it is best to call a professional cleaning company immediately. The sooner the problem is attended, the less it will cost. A 3x5 foot countertop can cost anywhere from $86 to $122 to clean, depending on how severe the problem is. A 3x10 foot can run from $103 to $186.


Floor Size

High traffic areas of tiled floors can leave a once “well thought out color” many different shades of yuck. Timely maintenance by reputable professionals can keep this footprint of disaster from ruining your décor. The amount of traffic your floor receives will determine how often you need to call the heavy duty cleaners. The size of the area that needs attending will in large part determine the cost. A smaller room of 200 square feet can cost an average of $138. Meanwhile, 300 square feet can run from $112 to $184. Larger areas consisting of 400 square feet run an average of $177, and 500 square feet of floor averages in the neighborhood are approximately $206. As a general rule, the larger the area the less the price per square foot.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout are a wise and enduring choice for floors, walls, and countertops. These materials provide a lifetime of beauty when properly maintained. Scheduling regular deep tile and grout cleaning is the best way to give your tile and grout a long and beautiful life.


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