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Toilet Inspection Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Toilet Inspection Guide
Toilet Inspection Guide

The toilet is not something a person spends a lot of time thinking about. It is an essential part of life but personal, private, and “unclean.” It’s true, using the toilet is a personal and private activity, but it is not “unclean.” In fact it is the toilet that keeps things clean by eliminating human waste. A large city generates thousands of tons of human waste. If there were not any toilets and sewage system to remove the waste, cities could not exist because the ever increasing collection of waste would cause disease and drive the residents away.

  1. Proper toilet inspection will not only ensure that there is nothing you need to be ashamed of in your bathroom; it will also ensure that the home is a healthy one.

    1.Simple but Effective

    The modern toilet, as we know it, is about 200 years old. In that time it has increased in sophistication but the basic design and functions remain the same. This is appropriate because the toilet fills a basic human need.

  2. 2.Why Toilet Inspection is Important

    The excreta and urine that is produced by the human body is “dirty” and extremely unpleasant. It is also a source for infection and the spread of disease. When a toilet is flushed the dirt and infectious matter is taken to the sewer and then removed to a sewage processing plant. The toilet itself is clean. Or perhaps it is not. Any problems with the toilet can lead to dirt collecting in its vicinity and becoming a health hazard. The toilet is a mechanical device with liquids and solids passing through it under pressure. Over time it will show the signs of wear and tear. Regular toilet inspections are the best way of ensuring that toilets are clean, safe to use, and do not spread dirt and disease.


    There is no technical knowledge or experience required to perform a toilet inspection. And it does not mean getting oneself dirty either. It is a simple task that can be completed in just a few minutes. If you do not want to or are unable for any reason to do this job yourself, you can get a professional to do it and also make any toilet repairs that may be needed. Details of professionals in your area can be found online or by asking your friends and family if they live around you. You can always ask your neighbors for some help as well.


    Another factor to keep in mind is that today bathrooms are becoming more spas like and are a place to relax and unwind as well as clean up. Good Housekeeping magazine says that even the most luxurious of bathrooms can be ruined by a dirty or leaking toilet.

  4. 3.How to Inspect a Toilet

    No special tools or equipment is required. Common sense and good eyesight are all that is needed.


    Step 1 - Check the toilet tank and bowl for cracks and leaks and have any defects you find attended to immediately. Remember that even a crack that is dry will begin to leak water eventually.


    Step 2 - Flush the toilet and check to see if (a) the water runs continuously which will add to your water bills; (b) Does the flushing process take too long (c) Is the force with which the water enters the bowl enough to ensure complete removal on all the contents of the toilet and (d) is the toilet taking too long to fill?


    Step 3 - Is the connection between the tank and bowl strong and leak proof?


    Step 4 - Is the toilet bowl mounting on the floor or the wall tight and firm? If there is any looseness or shaking, there is a likelihood of the bowl cracking or breaking.


    Step 5 - Is there any moisture on the floor surrounding the toilet? Could it be from some unnoticed leak?


    Use a dye pill or add some washable coloring agent to the water in the tank and bowl and let the water sit for a few hours. Any leaks will be highlighted by the colored water. Now pull the flush and look for leaks in the piping or joints.

  5. 4.There’s no need to be Ashamed of Your Toilet

    The bathroom is an integral part of your home and the toilet is an important element there and serves an irreplaceable purpose. Proper toilet inspection will not only ensure that there is nothing you need to be ashamed of in your bathroom; it will also ensure that the home is a healthy one.

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