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Toilet Valve Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Toilet Valve Installation Guide
Toilet Valve Installation Guide

Over time and with use of a toilet, the toilet valve will eventually wear out. The toilet valve regulates tank refills after every flush of the toilet. A worn toilet valve may result in leaks around the toilet or could cause the toilet to continue to run after each flush. Because both of these situations will result in wasted water, it is important to replace a worn toilet valve quickly once you determine that yours is no longer working correctly.


As you assess this project, hiring an expert may be your best course of action. Although some homeowners have enough experience and skill to replace plumbing parts, not everyone has the expertise necessary to handle the installation of new toilet parts. Hiring an expert will ensure that your toilet stays working effectively and efficiently.

  1. 1.Overview of Toilet Valve

    The toilet valve sits inside the toilet tank, regulating the process of water filling the toilet tank. A faulty toilet fill valve will cost money because your toilet will use more water during the fill process, which occurs after every toilet flush. The water supply line attaches directly to the toilet fill valve.

  2. 2.Benefits of Professional Installation

    Hiring an expert to install or replace a toilet fill valve has several benefits. A professional plumber has the tools necessary to execute the job; whereas, you may need to purchase or rent the correct tools if you tackle this project on your own. An expert also has the experience and knowledge necessary to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Performing the work yourself will take longer and you may experience frustration and difficulty with the tasks involved. The professional will test the toilet after performing the work. If any problems result, the expert will troubleshoot to resolve the problems. You will also have the benefit of the professional’s work guarantee to ensure that you do not experience future problems with the toilet valve installation.

  3. 3.Toilet Valve Replacement Process

    Before proceeding with the work, the professional will turn off the water supply to the toilet by turning the shutoff valve. Next, the professional will drain all water from the toilet tank by simply flushing the toilet once. The next step involves disconnecting the water supply line from the toilet valve, which enables him to remove the old toilet valve from the tank. The professional will set the height of the toilet valve so that the top of the valve is approximately 1 inch above the overflow tube inside the toilet tank. The next step involves inserting the toilet valve into the opening inside the toilet tank and exerting enough pressure to make a tight and secure connection. From the outside of the toilet tank, the professional will reconnect the water supply line to the toilet valve by tightening it carefully.

  4. 4.Possible Problems

    With an unprofessional toilet valve installation, you might experience a variety of issues with your toilet. The toilet may not flush effectively due to the water level in the toilet tank. The toilet may also take too long to fill after a flush. It is also possible that the toilet bowl water will continue to flow and the refill water will not turn off correctly after a flush, resulting in water waste. The toilet tank might begin to leak at the connection between the toilet valve and the water supply line. This is especially common, due to faulty tightening between these two parts. You might under-tighten the connection, which could lead to leaks. It is also common to over-tighten the connection, which could strip the threads and make it impossible to tighten them effectively.

  5. 5.Pro Referral

    Once you realize the benefits of hiring a plumber to install your toilet valve, simplify the process even more by getting Pro Referral's help. Pro Referral can provide you with a list of qualified professionals capable of working on your toilet.


    Stop letting water flow out of your toilet unnecessarily and replace a faulty toilet valve. Your toilet will work more effectively and efficiently after this project.

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