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Top Causes of Driveway Drainage Problems

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Driveway > Top Causes of Driveway Drainage Problems
Top Causes of Driveway Drainage Problems

Your driveway goes through a lot. Every day, heavy cars and trucks drive over it, and it must withstand the hot sun, freezing snow and pounding rain. And no one ever even gives it a second thought. At least, not until something goes wrong.


You probably want to keep it in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Drainage issues are a common complaint among homeowners. This guide will walk you through the top causes of driveway drainage problems.

  1. Drainage issues are a common complaint among homeowners. This guide will walk you through the top causes of driveway drainage problems.

    1.Lack of drainage system

    Your driveway has to have a means by which water can flow away from it. Some common types of drains are trench drains, French drains and drainage swales. French drains are buried inside the ground and covered with a layer of gravel or rock. Trench drains are long and narrow and should run the width of the entire driveway. Drainage swales are land depressions designed to accommodate excess runoff water.

  2. 2.Slope of the driveway

    The position of your property and the location of your driveway both play a huge part in how well moisture drains away from your driveway. If your home is located at the bottom of a hill, it will be harder to get water to flow away than if it was at the top of a hill.

  3. 3.Excessive weather

    Out-of-the-ordinary weather incidents can definitely cause drainage issues. Periods of extremely heavy snow or rain will most likely result in lots of standing water. It’s very important to have some kind of drainage system to move the water away.

  5. 4.Cracks and holes in driveway

    If you have a good drainage system, cracks and holes in your driveway could make it less effective. They hold the water and allow it to sink down into your driveway’s foundation, where it could give you more headaches. If you see cracks and holes in your driveway, fix them right away. If they are constant problems for you, look carefully or bring in a professional to see what is causing these problems and the best way to fix them.


    It might not be sexy, but your driveway is important. Poor driveway drainage eventually leads to a weak driveway. The problem isn’t always isolated just to your driveway, either – excess water can wreak havoc on your lawn and even your house.

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