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Top Ways to Green Your New Years Party

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Energy Efficiency > Top Ways to Green Your New Years Party
Top Ways to Green Your New Years Party

When it’s time to say goodbye to the old year and celebrate the New Year, a rousing party might be just the ticket. With all the revelry and excitement, don’t lose track of your commitment to the environment and your desire to keep your life green, though. There are ways to celebrate without negatively impacting our earth.


Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for a generous assortment of green and healthy tips for the New Year. Even small changes and efforts can make a big difference in the way your lifestyle impacts the environment. It’s possible to take some of these suggestions and guidelines and transform them into relevant party-giving tips. When you throw a green party, you can relax and enjoy the entire process more fully because you can feel confident in your choices.


With the top ways to green your New Year’s party, both you and your guests can feel good about the way you ring in the New Year.

  1. 1.Electronic Invitations

    Electronic Invitations

    Toss out the standard way of inviting guests to your New Year’s shindig with cards and envelopes and stamps. Instead, opt for invitations that don’t involve paper and ink. Telephone calls would work, too, but you can be more creative than a boring phone call while giving people something that will help them remember the details of your party. Try an invitation service such as “Evite” or “Punchbowl” to choose and create invitations that fit your party theme. Once you choose the invitation and add your personal details such as names, address and the date of your party, you can import your guest list from your contacts list or address book and send the invitations. Another option is to create an electronic invitation in a graphic design program and send them out to guests by email.

  2. 2.Green Decorations

    Green Decorations

    Party decorations can follow a green theme without much extra effort. Use a generous assortment of candles – soy or beeswax, of course – and place them throughout your home to create a festive and special setting. Try an edible centerpiece on the food table – a pretty fruit basket or an edible sculpture would be ideal as the focal point of your table. You could also use potted plants or trees as decorations. Even crepe paper is available in a version made from recycled products to enable you to carry your green theme throughout the party decorations.

  3. 3.Rent Party Supplies

    Rent Party Supplies

    Instead of purchasing the things you need for your party, consider renting equipment and items instead. This will enable you to get the things you need – such as tablecloths, serving pieces and chairs – without the cash outlay that would usually be involved. When the party is over, simply return the items to the rental company so they can rent them out again to someone else. This is a win-win deal for everyone involved. Renting also eliminates the pull to take shortcuts such as using disposable dishes and silverware at your party.

  5. 4.Avoid Disposable Party Ware

    Avoid Disposable Party Ware

    If you opt to buy your own party ware, avoid using disposable items that will fill up the landfills after your party is over. Instead, skip using plastic cups, paper plates, plastic silverware and paper napkins. Your guests will appreciate the real deal anyway – it will add a top-notch quality to your party when you serve food on china plates and beverages out of glass glasses. Cloth napkins and real silverware will also impress your guests and add elegance to your party. If you do decide to go the disposable route, use items that are recyclable such as aluminum and plastic water bottles. Another idea – provide a personalized plastic cup for each guest so your guests will reuse cups instead of tossing and getting new ones all evening. You could use stickers with guest names stamped on them or you could purchase specially engraved glasses that are personalized for your guests.

  6. Party Favors

    5.Party Favors

    Instead of the cheap noisemakers and confetti, opt for real party favors that your guests will love and use throughout the year. Try giving reusable water bottles to guests – they can drink wholesome and healthy water from their bottles all year long.

  7. 6.Make Recycling Easy

    Make Recycling Easy

    Set up easy-to-use and find recycling bins for guests to toss out used items during the party. Bins with large and clear labels will remove the uncertainty about where to toss trash and recyclables. You might even use special recycling signs for your bins or make them yourself with the computer and printer. This will eliminate sorting through the trash after the party to make sure recyclables get where they need to go.

  8. 7.Recycle Decorations

    Recycle Decorations

    You can spend a lot of money on party decorations – why toss them after the festivities? Instead, take them down and pack them away neatly in a large bin for the next New Year’s party you throw. You’ll not only save money on party décor, but you’ll keep the items out of the land fill. Another idea: if you don’t want to save your decorations, give them away to a friend who wants them or take them to a local charity.

  9. 8.Encourage Green New Year’s Resolutions

    Encourage Green New Year’s Resolutions

    Brainstorm green New Year’s resolutions during the party to encourage everyone to set some environmentally friendly resolutions. You might suggest that people go paperless, get off the junk mail lists or revamp their indoor lighting. As everyone toasts the New Year, ask guests to share their green resolutions with everyone. Sharing the green resolutions can be a way to motivate people and keep them accountable for keeping resolutions.


    A focus on the top ways to green your New Year’s party can help you do your part to ensure that our earth has lots of future New Year celebrations. With everyone working to reduce impact and save the earth’s resouces, big changes can happen.

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