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The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bathroom > The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist
The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

When it’s time for a bathroom redo and you’re on the hunt for gorgeous ideas, the fun and challenges begin. Renovations aren’t cheap, so it’s important to get it done right the first time to avoid making costly mistakes you’ll need to redo later.


Why not transform your bathroom from tired and dingy into something sleek and bright with gorgeous fixtures and beautiful textures? The more changes you make, the more likely you’ll be to consider your bathroom your oasis and shelter from the storms of life.

  1. 1.Make your Budget

    Before you can take one step toward your new bathroom, you need to make your budget to determine how much you have to spend. The money you allocate or finance for the project will determine the extent of the remodel and the price range of the materials. If you intend to finance, speak with your lender to find out how much money you will have available for these home improvements.

  2. 2.Design your Dream

    With your budget in hand, you’re ready to design your dream and make it happen. If funds allow, you might even hire an architect or an interior designer to take charge of the project and create the bathroom you want. Perhaps you’ll gut the bathroom and start over, even moving walls and major fixtures. On the other hand, if the remodeling will be less involved, it won’t carry the same hefty price tag.

  3. 3.Timing

    Bathroom renovations are not simple projects, with the plumbing, electrical and general construction processes that need to jive to get the job done. Even if the space isn’t large, the work may still require extended time for completion. Depending on the materials you choose, purchasing and ordering supplies may take time. Anything custom-built will also require more time for the artisans to create your pieces. It’s helpful to plan the timing of a bathroom remodel so it impacts the family as little as possible.

  4. 4.Space Limitations

    The space you have to work with in the current bathroom is the space you’re allotted, unless you’re able to move walls or bump out the space to create more. The location of plumbing pipes and current wiring in the existing bathroom also has a direct impact on your choice of plumbing fixtures. Before you can make purchase decisions, you need to know your limitations.

  5. 5.Illuminating Lights

    As you consider various lighting options in the bathroom, make sure you think about all the different options available for the different areas of the room. Recessed lighting over the shower or tub area can be both functional and attractive. Go for innovative light fixtures in other areas of the bathroom, possibly even working a small crystal chandelier into the décor somewhere.

  6. 6.Plumbing Problems

    With age and use, it’s common for bathrooms to develop plumbing issues. If current fixtures are aged and not functioning correctly, it’s best to pull them out and start over. An experienced contractor and plumber will have the skills necessary to assess the bathroom for possible issues connected with plumbing.

  7. 7.Fixture Fixations

    A new tub and shower will be an effective way to transform your bathroom from tired to terrific. Whether you’re thinking along the lines of walk-in features, dual shower heads or just a new tub surround, the impact can be significant. Toilets have changed significantly in both style and function – many new toilets conserve water to make them more affordable in your bathroom. There’s also a sink for every style, taste and budget, so do some looking before you settle on a standard sink that lacks innovation and imagination.

  8. 8.Creative Cabinetry

    Storage serves an important function in bathrooms, keeping the lines clean and uncluttered and adding natural warmth. With deep cabinetry, you’ll have plenty of storage for linens and towels. Shelves can hold toiletries. Drawers hold grooming items that help you look your best. With ample storage, everything will have a place to enable you to keep the bathroom neat and tidy.

  9. 9.Flooring Finesse

    A bathroom remodel wouldn’t be complete without a glance toward the floor. Your options are virtually limitless, with tiles, granite and even cement serving beautifully in many bathrooms. Just make sure the flooring you install is waterproof to avoid unpleasant damage that could occur from the major plumbing fixtures that live in the bathroom.

  10. 10.Accessorize

    Once the bathroom has a complete overhaul, there’s one final task that should be enjoyable – hit the stores to find brand new accessories that will set off the new room. This is the time to switch out that boring old mirror for something with character and unusual design. Purchase new towel hooks and racks, towels, bathmats, toilet paper dispenser, light switches, soap dish and rugs for instant freshening in the powder room.


    Once you imagine your ultimate bathroom, it may be difficult not to have it immediately. With time and effort, however, you can hire the right contractor for the job and watch as the work evolves into creating your dream bath. Drop by the Redbeacon website for assistance, if necessary. From project guidance, design ideas to even helping you find the perfect contractor to work on your project, Redbeacon has the expertise you need to transform your bathroom into something exciting.

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