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The Ultimate Bedroom Remodel Checklist

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Bedroom > The Ultimate Bedroom Remodel Checklist
The Ultimate Bedroom Remodel Checklist

Your bedroom should be a retreat where you rejuvenate and restore yourself to face another day out in the world. If your bedroom isn’t doing the job and you want to make some changes, start the process with a comprehensive remodel checklist.


By planning the project carefully, you can ensure that you have the budget and the design to transform your bedroom into a restful environment. The color scheme, the textures, the furniture and the architectural features of the room will all combine to make a spot you’ll love returning to night after night.

  1. 1.Budget Preliminaries

    The first step in any remodeling project is to determine your budget to enable you to determine the scope of the remodel. Regardless of whether you’ve been saving or you plan to finance the work, you still need to put a cap on the spending to ensure that you stay within planned parameters. Once you know your bottom line, the rest of the planning can fall easily into place.

  2. 2.Design Plans

    Peruse the decorator magazines and the Internet to find the bedroom designs that appeal to your sense of style. Don’t limit yourself to decorating-on-a-shoestring designs, either – you never know what innovative and exciting looks you can create with a little creativity. Once you get a feel for the style you want in your bedroom, pull it all together into a look that will work for you. If you have the funds for it, consider hiring an interior designer to help you plan your bedroom.

  3. 3.Windows

    Not only are new windows more energy efficient, they are also more beautiful and appealing in the interior of your bedroom. Choose windows that fit the style you are creating and have them installed in the bedroom. You can also enjoy increased energy efficiency, both in the summer and in the winter, with new windows.

  4. 4.Flooring

    Your bedroom flooring might be any of a wide variety of materials, from plush wall-to-wall carpeting, to a designer area rug over hardwood flooring to tiles. Don’t forget – the goal of the bedroom is to create comfort and luxury, so the flooring you choose needs to make this happen. That’s one reason why carpeting and rugs are a popular choice in the bedroom.

  5. 5.Walls

    Color used carefully in the bedroom will add to the restfulness and rejuvenation you feel in this room. Using colors such as blue, earth tones and greens generally help people feel relaxed and peaceful. Painting walls with these colors can be an effective remodeling trick that will improve the feel of your bedroom. Other options for walls includes paneling and wallpaper, with each of these possibilities being effective for adding both textures and patterns to the walls.

  6. 6.Furniture

    Once you take the time and effort to remodel your bedroom, it would be a shame to hang onto the same tired furniture. Take the plunge and choose a new bed for the focal point of the bedroom. Other furniture to consider includes highboy and lowboy dressers, a wardrobe, an entertainment center, shelving and overstuffed furniture for comfortable seating. Don’t forget – you’re creating a retreat here so the furniture needs to work toward this goal.

  7. 7.Storage

    Bedrooms need storage and lots of it. If you’re blessed with a walk-in closet, redesign it to make it an effective and pleasant place to keep your wardrobe. Give yourself the gift of having a place for everything and you should never feel disorganized or out of control again. Shelving on the walls will hold knickknacks, books and other odds and ends.

  8. 8.Lighting

    The lighting in the bedroom needs to be able to go from day to night with anything in between. Functional lighting will give you powerful options for bright illumination when you need it. You can also tone down the intensity so the lighting fits a calmer and more relaxed mood, too. Recessed lighting in the closet can be an ideal addition to your bedroom. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, consider a distinctive chandelier above the bed to add a dramatic focal point as well as effective lighting.

  9. 9.Accessories

    There’s nothing like a little retail therapy after you finish remodeling your bedroom into the oasis of your dreams. Go ahead and spring for a new comforter and bedding, accent pillows and a cozy throw for the bed. Purchase new art for the walls, new mirrors, new lamps for bedside tables and dried flowers for the dresser or end table. Accessories are where you really make your personality known.

  10. 10.Hiring a Contractor

    Even if you have some winning home improvement skills, it’s likely you’re going to need some professional assistance with your bedroom remodeling work. From electrical work to window replacement to flooring installation, some renovation processes prove too difficult for the average home-owner to handle. This is when it’s time to find an expert who can help you make your bedroom dreams a reality. If you need help finding the right contractor, Redbeacon is eager to help you, also. Visit the Redbeacon website and submit a work request to receive a list of professionals who can help you remodel your bedroom.


    The ultimate bedroom remodel checklist is all you need to make your new bedroom ultimate as well. The changes you make might make it difficult to leave your bedroom to function during the day, but they’ll also make it so much more pleasant to retreat to your bedroom at night.

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