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The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

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The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist

You spend enough time in your kitchen – shouldn’t you enjoy the experience and the surroundings? Outdated appliances, worn countertops, dated cabinetry and dingy flooring is not the proper environment for someone producing mouthwatering meals for a family.


When you decide it’s time to remodel the kitchen and bring it up to today’s standards of function, you’ll need a plan for making these goals happen. With the ultimate kitchen remodel checklist, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to renovate your kitchen and make it over into a dream kitchen.

  1. 1.Define Your Needs

    While you may have some general ideas about what you want and need in a kitchen remodel, it’s important to get a firm idea of exactly what changes you want to make to enable you to plan the project. If a complete gut is in your kitchen’s future, get ready for some intense renovations that take your kitchen down to the bare walls and subflooring. On the other hand, maybe you just need a few cosmetic changes such as flooring, lighting and new appliances. Whatever the case, define your needs so you know the game plan.

  2. 2.Plan the Budget

    Along with a plan for the work comes a plan for the funds. Whether you’re working with cash on hand or you’ll need some financing, plan the budget to ensure that you stay within these boundaries. Your budget will have a direct impact on the extent of the project as well as the price tag of various materials you use.

  3. 3.Create a Design

    Here comes the fun part – dreaming about your ultimate kitchen and putting together a design plan. Educate yourself about hot trends and new styles so you know what’s available and popular. Spend time with design magazines, perusing the Internet and browsing through home stores. If you have room in your budget, consider hiring an architect or interior designer who will help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

  4. 4.A Word About Timing

    It’s prudent to consider the timing of the renovation work before you begin to ensure that the time of year and life events jive with the project. The length of the project depends on the scope of the work. You’ll need to allow time for planning, hiring a contractor, building permit applications, shopping and ordering materials and then waiting for materials to arrive. From start to finish, an extensive kitchen renovation could take six months or longer.

  5. 5.Major Elements

    The major elements in a kitchen remodel include a redesign of the space to open it up and move walls, replacing flooring, replacing countertops, replacing cabinets, installing new plumbing and installing new appliances. Don’t forget – part of the renovation involves demolishing your current kitchen to make room for the new one.

  6. 6.Minor Details

    While major elements will occupy front and center stage, minor details are also important for the overall look and feel of the new kitchen. The tiles you choose for your backsplash, windows you install, door hardware and paint color are some of the details you’ll need to consider as you renovate your kitchen.

  7. 7.Appliances and Fixtures

    The world of appliances and fixtures can be overwhelming, with so many choices and options it can make your head swim. Narrow your selection to the appliances and fixtures that are in your price range and you’ll simplify the selection process. Seek assistance and recommendation from the experts working on the renovation – they likely have professional advice they can give you as you choose appliances that will fit your kitchen, your lifestyle and your budget.

  8. 8.Lighting

    The lighting you install in your kitchen needs to serve two purposes – function and style. Recessed lighting over your work areas is an ideal choice because it illuminates effectively while looking stylish. Hanging chandeliers work well over eating areas for classy lighting.

  9. 9.Extras

    As you’re designing and making a brand new kitchen, pay some attention to extras that will make your life easier and your kitchen more pleasant. A walk-in pantry might be something you’ll appreciate every day. A wine cooler might seem like an extravagance, but if it makes your wine that much more enjoyable, it might be worth it. A kitchen nook where you can sit with a computer and keep your household in order might also be something to add to your kitchen design. If you’re stumped for ideas, ask your designer or architect for suggestions that you might like to add to your design.

  10. 10.Finding a Contractor

    Once you have an idea of your budget and plan, it’s time to find a contractor who will make it happen. Hiring a contractor can be a challenging process, especially if you’re not experienced in this arena. Speak with several different professionals to discuss the project. Ask for references to enable you to talk with prior customers. Research contractors online to learn about any business complaints. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to learn about customer complaints. If you’re still struggling, stop by Redbeacon for some helpful assistance. Submit a work request through the website and you will receive a list of possible professionals you might hire for the job. After checking each one carefully, choose the one that fits your style and budget. Once you make this decision, Redbeacon will take it from there. After work completion, make a payment to Redbeacon and you’ll have a satisfaction guarantee backing up the work to ensure you’re satisfied.


    Kitchen renovations are one of those projects that you might dread and anticipate with eagerness at the same time. By using Redbeacon’s professional services, you can remove the dread and just sit back to anticpate your beautiful new kitchen.

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