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The Ultimate Living Room Remodel Checklist

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Living Room > The Ultimate Living Room Remodel Checklist
The Ultimate Living Room Remodel Checklist

The living room – that comfy area where you kick back and enjoy life. This might be the spot where the entertainment equipment lives, where your most comfortable furniture sits and where you go to relax after working hard.


As you look around your current living room, perhaps there are areas that could use a little upgrading or updating. Maybe it’s even a little more extensive than that and you’re thinking about doing some serious remodeling or renovating.


If this is the case, here’s an ultimate living room remodel checklist that will help you organize the project and make your new living room become a reality.

  1. 1.Analyze your Lifestyle

    The way you use your living room will have a direct influence on how you want to remodel it, so take some time to analyze your lifestyle. Do you entertain often, requiring enough comfortable seating to accommodate people for a party? Do you enjoy gaming, sports or movies, necessitating the space for seating for viewing? Is your lifestyle more sedate, instead focusing on quiet and relaxing activities such as listening to music or reading? Whatever way you use your living room should give you clues about remodeling changes you may want to make.

  2. 2.Create a Budget

    Before you begin any project, analyze your finances and create a realistic budget to control the money you spend. Without a plan, spending can quickly spiral upwards and you may end up with a bigger price tag than you wanted. Whether you’ve saved for this project or you’re financing it, determine your bottom line and then work within it to remodel the living room.

  3. 3.Consider What Works

    There may be some features of your living room that don’t need changing because they’re working for you and your family. If you have such features, designate them as status quo so you won’t waste money fixing what’s not broken. For example, if the flow of your living room suits your family and your lifestyle, there’s no need to move walls unnecessarily.

  4. 4.Plan the Design

    Once you know what works and what doesn’t, it’s time to create a design and plan the project. Increase your awareness of living room styles by browsing design magazines, surfing the Internet for ideas and inspiration, talking to friends and family and window shopping through home stores. Talk to a couple of interior designers to get some professional opinions, as well. Once you have an abundance of ideas and suggestions, pick the ones that resonate with you and speak to your style to come up with a concise plan for what you want to make out of your living room.

  5. 5.Eyes to the Windows

    Windows are not a second thought when it comes to a living room remodel. Instead, make your windows a focal point to incorporate them into the overall style and feel of the room. Pay attention to the views out your windows and highlight these areas by installing bold and beautiful windows that will bring the views into your living room.

  6. 6.Walls

    If the flow and function of the living room isn’t working, you might consider opening it up and redesigning the space by moving or eliminating walls. An enclosed area can seem cramped and uninviting. By removing walls, you can open out the room and make it seem more spacious and inviting. Don’t forget to look up, too – vaulted ceilings can also add the feeling of space to your living room.

  7. 7.Flooring

    You’ve got ample possibilities for flooring in your living room. With a variety of hardwoods available in many different natural or synthetic materials, your living room floor can feature light or dark hues. Tiles are another option, again featuring a variety of different materials that can create very different styles and feels. You might even consider granite or cement flooring for something innovative and stylish. A warmer and cozier option would always be plush carpeting, too.

  8. 8.Lighting

    The lighting you install will either be ambient lighting to create mood or function lighting to add brightness to specific areas of the living room. Overhead lighting, in the form of recessed lighting, serves in both capacities because it looks smashing and lights an area effectively. Suspended lights such as chandeliers can do wonders for creating innovative style in your living room. Don’t forget table lamps and floor lamps, also, as you illuminate the living room area.

  9. 9.Furnishings

    Once the bones of the living room are coming together, it’s time to decide how you wish to furnish your new space. If you have the space, you might create separate seating nooks to facilitate using the living room in different ways simultaneously – a reading nook, a gaming corner, comfortable music area and a conversational hub. Pay attention to the style of the space and purchase wood furniture that matches – entertainment center, tables and shelving, for example. Adding new art to the wall, a new rug on the floor, new throw pillows and knickknacks throughout the room will create your own individual signature on the room, also.

  10. 10.Hiring a Contractor

    Even if you have home-improvement skills, the work involved in renovating a living room is likely a little out of your comfort zone. This means that you will need to find a contractor that will take charge of the project. Hiring a contractor involves interviewing professionals, researching their qualifications, talking to references, viewing past work and finding someone who you can trust and afford. If this task seems daunting, visit Redbeacon for some help finding a contractor. By submitting a work request, Redbeacon will provide you with a list of possible professionals that you might hire. Choose the contractor you want to use and Redbeacon will take care of the rest. At the end of the project, you can enjoy the renovations without having to stress during the process.


    Stop dreaming about a new living room and make your ultimate living room take shape right in your home.

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