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The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Build Guide

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The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Build Guide

Hanging out in the kitchen seems to suit many families, but why hide indoors when there are other options? Once the nice weather moves in, it’s time to move your visits with family and friends outdoors where you can enjoy the fresh air. This is when an outdoor kitchen will become your new summer hangout.


Don’t skimp or cut corners for your ultimate outdoor kitchen – make it a spot where culinary masterpieces will fill your neighborhood with delicious and mouthwatering aromas. Sure, you could install a basic outdoor cooking area, but why not find an expert to do the job right?

  1. 1.Benefits of a Professional Outdoor Kitchen Build

    While you might not need an expert’s touch for a basic outdoor grilling area, if you intend to create an ultimate outdoor kitchen, you’ll need some help. A permanent installation on a deck or patio will be a significant expense, so it’s important to spend your money wisely and create an outdoor kitchen of your dreams. A professional will also have the expertise and experience to recommend the best appliances and materials as you plan your project.

  2. 2.Outdoor Kitchen Design/Planning

    Once you decide to go for it, the planning and designing stage should keep you busy while you consider your options and design your dream. Window shop among the home stores, peruse the Internet and talk to friends and family to learn about all the newest innovations in outdoor kitchens. Once you know what you want, start talking to a few different professionals to find one that matches your style. The experts you interview should be able to take the ideas and features you mention and create a project design that will fit your space and your budget.


    The overall design depends on the situation of your outdoor area, the amount of space you have to devote to the kitchen, how you’ll use the kitchen and dining area, and your overall budget for the project. Don’t forget to consider the placement of the grill and outdoor fireplace in relation to doors and windows on the back of your home – smoke in the house is never a good thing and can become a serious hazard. If space allows, you might even create a freestanding outdoor kitchen located away from the back of your home.

  3. 3.Site Preparation

    The terrain of your landscape will have an impact on the site preparation necessary prior to the construction. A steep or uneven area might require heavy construction equipment to level the ground for the project unless you find a way to incorporate the natural terrain into the outdoor kitchen. Removing soil might also necessitate adding retaining walls for stability. As another option, building an elevated deck to hold the outdoor kitchen could solve your problem with uneven terrain.

  4. 4.Choosing Materials and Appliances

    Building an outdoor kitchen isn’t the same as renovating or remodeling an interior kitchen. The materials and appliances you select will need to withstand the outdoor elements of your geographic location. If your winters are frigid, you’ll need durable materials that will withstand the temperatures.


    Even the materials you use for the flooring or deck of the kitchen will need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the appliances. A professional will have the skills and expertise to guide you through the process of choosing your materials and appliances.

  5. 5.Problems that May Arise

    Without careful selection of a qualified contractor, who will choose the right materials, potential problems could occur with an outdoor kitchen. In the process of designing and building an outdoor cooking and food-preparation area, the counter areas that sit beside the grill must have the proper stainless steel protection to prevent fire damage from occurring.


    It’s also imperative that the outdoor grill have an emergency gas shut-off valve to protect against a devastating gas leak. The cooking area should feature a venting system that moves gas away from the area as well.


    Most municipalities have building and fire codes that pertain to outdoor kitchens, so the contractor you hire must have a working knowledge of these codes to ensure that the project conforms to all required guidelines.

  6. 6.Site Cleanup

    The work involved with an outdoor kitchen build is usually extensive and involved. By hiring a professional to excavate and prepare the site and build the kitchen, you also have the benefit of a professional who will finish the job and perform site cleanup. Removing excess building materials and finalizing the construction will be one less thing you need to worry about when you’d rather be enjoying your new kitchen.

  7. 7.Outdoor Kitchen Build Cost

    To do the job right, prepare to spend some cash on your outdoor kitchen build. It’s not cheap, but consider how much time your family will spend using this outdoor space. If you entertain frequently, you’ll probably enjoy your outdoor eatery even more. The average cost for the construction of the outdoor area will be around $12,859, with a range between $2,551 and $64,819 for the lower and upper extremes.

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