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Update Your Garage Floor with a Finishing

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Painting > Update Your Garage Floor with a Finishing
Update Your Garage Floor with a Finishing

Your garage is often the first part of your home you see as you drive in at the end of the day. Additionally, many people also use the garage as their work place for carpentry and other home improvement projects. To ensure adequate light and a better ambience in the garage for working on your hobbies and parking the car properly, you need to not only de-clutter the garage and organize all your supplies but also update the floor. Essentially, this means coating thee garage floor with paint or epoxy.

  1. 1.Paint vs. Epoxy

    Both paint and epoxy are striking options for coating the garage floor. Both need to be applied using a brush or roller brush. However, the chemical properties of epoxy and paint are different. In general, epoxy is used on concrete surfaces that have many imperfections as these can be covered by epoxy color chips. By scattering plenty of color chips over the epoxy coat before it dries, you will be able to mask the imperfections inherent in concrete, and improve the appearance of the garage floor. However, those looking for an inexpensive solution to updating their garage floor can opt for paint that is easier to apply.

  2. 2.Masonary Paint

    One option to use on the garage floor is masonary paint. Before you apply this, you need to clean the garage floor thoroughly to ensure that all dust and grease has been removed. Additionally, all cracks and holes in the concrete have to be filled and left to dry. Finally the masonary paint needs to be applied evenly using a brush.

  3. 3.Latex Paint

    Latex paint is another option for a painting the concrete floor of a garage. Again, you need to clean the garage floor completely and ensure that all cracks are filled and dried before painting it. Choosing a light colored latex paint will ensure that sufficient light is reflected from the floor to enable you to work with ease on your projects in the garage. The latex paint should be applied when the floor is dry and between 50 and 60 degree in temperature for it to set without peeling or bubbling.

  4. 4.Concrete Stain

    If the concrete floor of the garage is smooth but dull looking, you can consider staining the floor. This can be done over a weekend. However, you need to ensure that the floor of the garage is absolutely clean of dust and grease before applying the stain. Additionally, you need to wait for at least 24 hours for the stain to set in before you can park your car in the garage.

  5. 5.Epoxy

    An epoxy coat to your concrete garage floor is a marvelous and terrific way to finish your garage improvement project. Choose a color that is light and complements the color of your car to ensure that it sets off the car and gives it a showroom ambience to the garage. This may be a little too much for some people who just want a nicer garage and to improve their quality of life a little. Besides, you will probably have another car with another color in a couple of years anyhow. This is something constructive to do and will improve the value of your home. Make sure you have some garage floor pads down on the ground below your car so oil marks do not tarnish your new floor. Placing some used cardboard below where you are working on your car is better than nothing to protect the shiny new floor.


    The floor of the garage has to be prepared with care before the epoxy coat is applied. You need to remove all dust and grease from the floor and also seal all cracks. The floor also has to be etched using a commercial etcher or degreaser. Once this is done and the floor is absolutely dry, you need to mix the epoxy and the hardener. At this point you need to keep in mind that the epoxy solution will thicken within two hours of mixing. This means you have to schedule the coating at a time when you will not be interrupted.

  6. 6.Have Your Garage Floor Refinished with Redbeacon

    While it is possible for a garage floor to be finished with either epoxy or paint during a weekend, many people find that they have other chores to handle and cannot get uninterrupted time for this work. Yu can easily retain the services of a pro through Redbeacon to refinish your garage floor in a color of your choice. All you need to do is register your requirements with the Redbeacon web site. Redbeacon will then search for service providers in your locality, contact them, and ask them to bid on the work.


    Redbeacon will also verify the online reviews of the selected service providers and ensure that they will provide great service and are reliable. Redbeacon will then forward four bids for your perusal. Once you choose a service provider to refinish your garage floor, work will start as per the schedule mentioned in the contract. Once the garage floor is refinished, Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours to hear from you before releasing payment to the contractor.

  7. 7.Another Strategy

    Refinishing the garage floor is a prudent way to update it. However, this can involve a significant amount of elbow grease and uninterrupted time to complete the task. Another way of refinishing the garage floor is to retain the services of a reliable contractor and just finalizing the color and material choice. This saves you from the trouble of trying to complete the coating within a weekend even as you clean the garage floor and degrease it. Instead of taking time away from your family and other commitments, you can hire a contractor to do the hard work and relax with family and friends over the weekend and yet have a sharp looking garage floor.

A clean and refinished garage floor will complement your car and make it pleasant to work on your hobbies in the garage. A well maintained garage is a joy to drive into and you will be able to come home to an ambience that is pleasing. Additionally, the refinished garage floor will set off your car and make it look as good as it did in the showroom.


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