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How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Cleaning > How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?
How Much Does Upholstery Cleaning Cost?

To keep upholstered furniture looking pristine and odors from settling into the fabric, periodic deep cleaning is required. Furniture manufacturers recommend having this done once a year under normal circumstances. When animals are in the household, bi-annual cleanings are often necessary. There are two main methods used when it comes time for the professionals, dry cleaning, and wet or “steam cleaning”. The cost of the process will vary depending on the number of pieces cleaned, and a quick check with your tax service may reveal the expense is even deductible under home maintenance expense.

Average Prices

Number of Items: One vs. Two vs. Three

Service companies usually do their billing on a “per-piece” basis, and the cost of each piece will be determined by the size, and material of each article. It is important to check the tag on upholstered furniture to determine which type of cleaning process is recommended. Another point to consider is that a single item job billed out at $68, two items at $114 and three items at $158.



That favorite TV chair or recliner is probably the piece requiring cleaning the most. Since it gets the most use, it might even be necessary to have it cared for between regular yearly scrubbings. If this is the only chair being done it will cost $74 to $92 to remove the smell of the Super Bowl snacks, and beverages.



When you have to be careful which end of the sofa you lay your head because of dirty sock smell, it’s time to call the pros. Then after the techs have left, you may want to set new rules for the perpetrator of the foul insurrection. If you are lucky, the sofa will remain smelly free long enough to make the $83 to $157, you spent worthwhile.



In many homes, loveseats are the least used furniture in the house, making stains rare, and cleaning an easy task. Even when they do receive a lot of sitting time, they can still be relatively inexpensive to clean, with the price ranging from $82 to $107 for a standard style loveseat. Some of the newer ones have a recliner built in, and that will lead to an additional charge because of the extra time needed to do a proper job.



An ottoman is a piece furniture that has no arms or back, and for that reason is often used as a footstool. This use dictates the need for frequent cleaning. While they are simple and “easy on the pocket” to clean “usually costing $47 to $76 it is cost efficient to have the servicemen clean one or two other pieces at the same time.


Dining Room Chair

Upholstered dining room chairs are subject to multiple daily usage and food and beverage spills. Because of this, many of them have stain resistant material that can be cleaned with soap and water on a daily basis. This however; does not negate the need for yearly cleaning to remove stubborn spills, and eliminate bacteria. Even when only one or two chairs appear to need attention, it is advisable to have the entire set done at the same time. This way the fabric on all the chairs will wear evenly, and the health of the family can be assured. The average price for cleaning a dining room chair ranges from $27 to $43.


When the dry cleaning method is necessary for your furniture it is wise to find out which chemicals are used in the product your company employs. Some of the formulas used have not been verified as safe by the EPA, and contain hazardous and foul smelling substances.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

If you are ready for an upholstery cleaning project, contact Pro Referral to find a quality Upholstery Cleaning Pro in your area to discuss the job. All our pros have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted pro with Pro Referral will give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.

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