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Vinyl Siding Painting Guide

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Vinyl Siding Painting Guide

One of the draws to vinyl siding is the promise of reduced maintenance on your home. If you’re tired of chipping away worn paint layers and applying new paint regularly, you may opt for vinyl siding to reduce some of this work.


Unfortunately, even vinyl siding can become worn and faded over time. One solution to this situation involves applying paint to the siding. The Virginia Department of Historic Resources has information available about maintaining vinyl siding and common issues that occur after installing it on a home’s exterior.


With a comprehensive vinyl siding painting guide, you can proceed effectively to keep your home’s exterior attractive.

  1. If you apply a darker paint color, it could absorb excessive heat. This might raise the temperature of the siding and cause it to warp.

    1.Siding Preparation

    One of the keys to successful vinyl siding painting is preparing the siding to accept the paint. It’s essential that the entire surface of the siding be clean and free of all debris. There may be several effective ways for you to clean the siding, depending on any existing issues.


    1. Use a power washer to spray every surface area thoroughly to remove dirt, grime, debris and insects. Allow the siding to dry completely.

    2. Wash excessively dirty siding with a mixture of detergent and water.

    3. Clean mold or algae from siding by using a mixture of four parts water and one part chlorine bleach. Allow the bleach solution to sit on the siding for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with a garden hose.

    4. Always allow the siding to dry completely before painting.

  2. 2.Paint Selection

    Exterior acrylic latex paint is ideal for covering siding because it applies easily and washes up effectively. Even if the siding has a texture, the latex paint will adhere in a thin and even layer over the siding. Always choose a paint color that is equal to or lighter than the factory color of the siding. If you apply a darker paint color, it could absorb excessive heat. This might raise the temperature of the siding and cause it to warp.

  3. 3.Applying the Paint

    Apply a coat of primer first with paint rollers and paint brushes in much the same way you would paint any exterior surface. Allow the primer to dry for the time recommended on the primer can. After the primer is completely dry, switch to the paint and apply one thin and even coat to the siding. Allow the first coat of paint to dry and then apply a second coat of paint. Allow the second coat of paint to dry completely.


    Apply paint to trim areas of the house as well, using a complementary or contrasting color. When you finish painting both the siding and the trim, your entire house will have a new look and color.

  5. 4.Painting Tips

    Choose a day for painting with temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Temperature deviations may lead to paint failure. It’s also very important to wait for the previous coat of paint to dry thoroughly before adding another coat – this could also lead to paint failure.


    With attention to detail and a little effort, you can makeover your vinyl siding and create a new and updated look for your home.

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