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Wall Spice Rack Installation Guide

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Wall Spice Rack Installation Guide

All types of cuisine use spices. The type of spice and the quantities may vary, but without spices food can be bland and boring. Unlike other ingredients for which recipes rigidly control quantities, for spices the amounts are far more flexible. While the type and amount of spices to be used in a particular dish are indicated, a good cook will always modify this to suit the tastes of the people he or she is cooking for. In many cases, the spices are added slowly during the cooking process, with regular tasting to see how much more is needed. This can become tedious and time consuming if the spices are not near at hand so that they can be found and added without delay or effort.

  1. 1.Wall Mounted Spice Racks

    All types of cuisine use spices. The type of spice and the quantities may vary, but without spices food can be bland and boring.

    Wall mounted spice racks are a fabulous and impressive way to store spices safely and conveniently and yet have then easily available while cooking. Adding a pinch of something to a dish while it is cooking is not a problem, but having to walk around the kitchen to find it, then bring it back to the stove and then return it to where it belongs is a pain. With a wall spice rack, everything is at hand at a second’s notice.


    A wall spice rack is usually fitted on the backsplash near the stove, but the actual location depends on the user’s convenience and the design of the kitchen. The only precaution to be taken is to ensure that the rack is not exposed to direct heat from the stove since this can affect the spices and cause them to lose their aroma and flavor over time.


    To find suppliers of wall spice racks in your area, check online listings. The size, material, and design options are sure to be far more than you imagined and finding the perfect spice rack for your kitchen will not be an issue.

  3. 2.Installing a Wall Spice Rack

    Installing a wall spice rack is simple if you follow a logical process:


    1. First of all begin by examining the number of spices and the amounts that you want to keep on the rack. This will allow you to determine the size and the number of shelves.


    2. Measure the wall space available for the rack to ensure that the rack will fit comfortably.


    3. Now get in touch with suppliers to find the design and size that best suit your needs.


    4. Once you have the rack available use a ruler and a carpenter’s level to draw a line where the top shelf should be. Ensure the line matches the width of the rack.


    5. Mark a spot an inch inside the end of the line at both ends. This is where you will drill the holes for the shelf brackets on which the self is to be mounted.


    6. If you will be drilling into tile, make sure that you are using ceramic drill bits to prevent the tiles from developing cracks.


    7. If the rack has more than one shelf, measure the height needed for the lower shelves and using the same procedure draw more lines and drill the holes for the shelf bracket. Make sure there is adequate space of the spice bottles or jars to be easily removed from the shelf and put back.


    8. Fill up one shelf at a time and keep checking to ensure that the rack is firmly mounted and can safely hold the weight of the bottles being kept there.

  4. 3.Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

    By installing a wall spice rack you are organizing your kitchen and making it more efficient. The result of this is easier cooking, time saving, and less effort, so you will be encouraged to test your culinary frontiers and experiment with new dishes and types of food. And that is something that will make everyone in the family happy, hopefully. Just make sure you taste any of this exotic food first before you decide to serve it.

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