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How Much Does Wall Texturing Cost?

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How Much Does Wall Texturing Cost?

If you look closely at your wall, in many cases you’ll notice an intricate texturing pattern underneath the paint. Yet drywall sections – the building blocks of walls – are very smooth. The texture didn’t get there by accident – it’s the result of a lot of skill and trial and error, though the price for having it done isn’t too bad. Here’s a look at how it’s done and what it typically costs.

Average Prices

Interior vs. Exterior

Texturing can be outdoors or in, although you’ve most likely seen the interior sort as mentioned above. Inside walls would look sterile and uninteresting – like a box – without texture, and the outside of a house would similarly lack character. Interior texturing is achieved by slathering drywall compound atop joined drywall sections and using a roller, knife or other technique to spread it over the surface evenly, then “roughing it up” to create a randomized pattern that adds character and warmth. Textures may also be sprayed or brushed on a wall or ceiling. Some internal textures are called “orange peel,” as the sprayed surface spatter resembles that of an orange, and “knockdown,” which is a sprayed pattern which has the tops flattened with a specialized knife. Outside, it’s usually applied to stucco (concrete) walls as a sprayed topcoat with a tight spatter pattern. A typical texture coat on a wall will cost $685 on the interior and $729 on the exterior.


Wall Conditions

Unfinished, bare drywall needs a coating of primer (usually a type called PVA which is specifically formulated for that material) before texturing can be applied. Then paint can be applied atop the textured compound. Your contractor will likely need to retexture the whole wall to get the pattern to match (this would be the case, say, when a hole in the wall needs to be patched). This adds some expense, as your repair person will be working on a larger area than just the damaged portion, and will need to use additional material. It’s especially true for textured ceilings, as there are bumpy “popcorn” finishes that are very difficult to match when just repairing a small portion. For a typical repair with texturing over a finished wall or ceiling, the cost will be $404 to $1220, while adding new texture and primer to a bare wall or ceiling, the price will range from $426 to $1287. For exterior repairs on cement (stucco), your contractor will also need to texture a larger area than just the patch so that the new texture does not stand out from the pattern surrounding it. A typical outside repair costs $368 to $1112.


Room Count

Remember, texturing is the step that transform your walls and rooms from looking like the inside of a box to a cozy living space – a subtle difference that is more noticeable when it is not done than when it is. And just as it is most often necessary to expand a localized repair to match the surrounding area, it’s often desirable to texture more than one room to have a matching look throughout a home. For one room the cost is typically $327 to $850 , while for three rooms, expect to pay $438 to $1139 .


Extra Painting

Many homeowners will want to have the texturing and painting done at the same time, which makes sense, as your rooms will need to be cleared, masked, and the floors covered when any large-scale wall repair is underway. For this, the price is about $454 to $1363 for an entire room.


Square Footage

A typical room of about 250 square feet will cost about $341 to $924 for texturing – remember this includes the compound material (or spray texture) and the service to apply it. For a series of rooms totaling about 1000 square feet, the price will be from $603 to $1635; the cost for a larger job will typically be less than for several separate ones as the setup time can cover the whole job.


Wall Texturing Services

If you are ready to line up a Pro for a wall texturing project, contact a Pro in your area to discuss the job. All of the Pros in our network have been background checked and our in-house staff has verified their credentials and insurance coverage. Hiring a trusted Pro can give you the assurance the job will be done right, every step of the way.

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