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Water Filter Replacement Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Water Filter Replacement Guide
Water Filter Replacement Guide

We all take clean water for granted, thinking that whatever comes out of the faucet is safe to drink. This is a serious mistake, certainly if you ever go overseas or to another country. The ever increasing levels of water contamination and pollution mean that what comes out of the taps may look fine, but may not be safe to drink. And water contamination can hurt you in other ways too. The chemicals and sediments in the water can damage the plumbing as well as the HVAC system in your home, resulting in both inconvenience as well as costly repairs. And if you have a swimming pool, you do want to swim in clean water, not water that looks clear but is full of dirt.

  1. 1.Not a Coincidence

    It is because of the importance of ensuring clean water that the use of water filters has mushroomed over recent years.

    A water filter works in two ways to reduce the amount of contamination in the water. The first is by trapping particles as they pass through the pores of the filter. Secondly there are some contaminants that stick to the surface of the filter media. Over time the pores of the filter will become blocked by all the matter trapped in it. And the surface will also become coated and this will restrict the passage of water through the filter. When these things happen, the flow of water from the filter will reduce. Even worse, it may happen that the trapped particles and coating on the media surface could, over time, work their way through the filter and emerge on the other side along with the clean filtered water. This is an invitation to gastric problems and illness of all kinds.


    That’s why regular water filter replacement is so important. Every water filter will have a specified service cycle after which it needs to be replaced. Using a water filter after its service cycle is over is inviting disaster. NSF International is an independent non-profit public health organization which says that: “In order to ensure that the filter continues to reduce contaminants, the filter should be changed when the end of the service cycle is reached.”

  2. 2.Having a Clean Filter

    It must be noted that the filter replacement cycles given by the manufacturers are based on average contamination and pollution levels and if the water in your area is above average on these counts, more frequent filter replacement may be required. It is a prudent idea to always keep a spare filter handy so you can replace the old one as soon as you have doubts about its efficiency. If you want information about water filter suppliers in your area, you will find the information you need online and if you do not have Internet access you should consider paying for a subscription because having access to the Internet will pay for itself.

  3. 3.How to Know when Your water Filter Needs Replacement

    Besides replacing you water filter as advised by the manufacturers’, look for the following indications that will tell you that the filter needs changing. If any of these signs appear, replace your filter without delay.


    Sign 1 - An odor is present in the water

    Sign 2 - The water has an unpleasant or changed taste

    Sign 3 - When water is left in a glass for a few minutes, sediment is seen floating or settled at the bottom.

    Sign 4 - The flow of water from the filter is reducing which is caused by filter getting full of dirt.

    Sign 5 - The appearance of a faint tint in the previously clear water.

  5. 4.Clean Water = Safe Water

    Ensuring that the water is your home is clean and safe is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family’s wellbeing. All it takes are the right kind of water filters and adhering to a regular replacement schedule.

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