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How Much Does a Water Softener Installation Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does a Water Softener Installation Cost?
How Much Does a Water Softener Installation Cost?

A water softening or purification system can improve the quality of the water in your home, extending the life of your fixtures and appliances and providing your family healthy drinking water. Several options for conditioning and filtration appliances give you plenty of choices for the best type of system to treat your water.

Average Prices

Cost to Install a New Water Softener or Purifier

The installation price of your new water treatment system may vary from $171 to $517 in the U.S. and is affected by the type of system you have selected, the location for the equipment, and the condition and accessibility of your home’s plumbing at the installation site. Be sure to have your water tested to determine how it should be treated and consult with an experienced installer to discuss your project. All water softeners and filters require plumbing connections, and some require wiring or access to an electrical outlet to power their controls. Be sure to ask your installer if specific prep work will be required and if he will coordinate that, or if you will need to line up a plumber, electrician, or both. Also, different types systems have different maintenance requirements that may contribute to the overall cost of your water treatment system.


Cost to Install Salt-Free Water Treatment

For those who wish to treat their water with a whole-house system that does not require the use of salt, several appliance options exist. Nationally, prices for salt-free systems and their installation range between $179 and $541. Installation for most whole-house systems is similar, so the primary factor in determining the cost of your project will be in the unit you select. Salt-free conditioners range in capacity; the cost of a unit suitable for your water usage will vary with your rate of consumption.


Cost to Install Salt Water Softeners

The most common and economical water softening systems use salt in the process of conditioning hard water. Choices of salt water softeners range from one-piece cabinet appliances to multiple-piece systems with separate brine tanks and are typically installed for $153 to $460 in the U.S. Features and capacity contribute to the cost of salt water units; with increased mineral-reduction and faster output come increases in price.


Cost to Install Reverse Osmosis Systems

Installation of a reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system can range from $132 to $397, depending on the scale or size of the system selected. RO filters can be installed at a sink to dispense filtered drinking water or as a whole-house system to treat the entire domestic water supply. As with other treatment options, the price of a reverse osmosis purification system is affected by the size and capacity of the unit you select.


Cost to Install Pre-Filter System

Pre-filters installed where water enters your home are an economical choice for purifying your home’s entire water supply. Prices for installation of pre-filters are between $159 and $479 and vary with the capacity and type of filtration used. Pre-filters are often used in conjunction with other filters or softeners, so be sure to discuss with your installer if a pre-filter alone will be adequate for treating your water, or if you may need to plan for installing additional filters in your home.


Cost to Install Point of Use Filter System

Like pre-filters, point-of-use (POU) filter systems are economical and simple to install, and range from $154 to $463 nationally. Point of use filters are generally installed under a sink or counter. The type of filter you select will affect the price of your project, but any modifications made to your cabinetry, counters, or sinks may contribute to the overall cost of the installation.


Planning for Your Water Treatment System Installation

Many options exist for softening and purifying the water in your home. The type of system you select will influence the price of your project, but remember to consider the long-term maintenance requirements of your system as you plan for the overall costs of treating your water. A quality softening or purification system will improve the quality of your water and prolong the life of your fixtures and appliances. Consult with professionals who can best evaluate your needs and help you plan the installation of a water softener system that will be effective for your family.

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