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How Much Does Water Softener Repair Cost?

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > How Much Does Water Softener Repair Cost?
How Much Does Water Softener Repair Cost?

Water softeners and purifiers can conveniently improve the quality of your entire domestic water supply. However if your system is not functioning properly, the water you depend on for drinking, cleaning, and hygiene may be undesirable and even cause damage to your home’s fixtures. When your water treatment system needs repair, the cause of the problem will help determine the expense of the project.

Average Prices

Leaks in Water Softeners & Purifiers

The source of a leak in your water system is an important factor in the complexity of the repair. Rates for repairing leaks in softeners and purifiers range between $80 and $210 in the U.S. and vary with the type of leak. Water softeners and purification systems vary in their design, but their connections to your home’s plumbing are consistent and leaks at those unions can generally be repaired by a plumber with standard tools and supplies. Leaks in the softener system itself require more expertise to diagnose, and may be corrected with simple parts, such as O-rings and gaskets. If your repair requires brand-specific or specialized parts however, it may be more costly for materials and more time consuming for your plumber or technician.


Cracked Water System

Depending on the type of your system and the location of any cracks in the tanks or housing of the appliance, it may be possible to repair the crack or replace the damaged component. National rates for repairing cracks in water softeners and purifiers range from $97 to $242. Whether your water system is a cabinet model softener, an under-the-sink filter, or has independent brine and conditioning tanks, the significance and location of the crack will determine if it can be repaired and how. Cracks on models with separate tanks may be simpler to diagnose, but whether cracks can be repaired depends on the severity of the damage. In a case which a repair is not adequate, a replacement tank is necessary, making for a more expensive repair.


Performance Problems

Problems with the softening or filtration performance of your water treatment system may be solved inexpensively with routine maintenance of the unit or adjustments to its settings. Technicians who specialize in water conditioners can often provide relevant testing and service more economically than a plumber can. Some systems may require in-depth cleaning or the replacement of conditioning media or resin, which may add to the cost of maintenance. Solving typical performance problems with water treatment systems generally costs between $76 and $201 nationally.


Filter Replacements

Among the most common maintenance repairs for water softeners and purifiers are filter replacements. Whether your system has an integrated filter or one that is connected directly to your water supply, replacing its filter is a simple and common repair. Most filter replacements cost between $90 and $236, and since filters on most units are easily accessible for routine maintenance, the cost of your repair will depend largely on the type of filter you prefer or that is required by your system. Additionally, this simple project does not usually require specific skills or training, so can be performed by a general service person rather than a licensed professional.


Installing Replacement Systems

If your water softener or purifier has irreparable damage or has simply exceeded its useful lifespan, a replacement will be required to continue your water treatment. Nationally, prices for installing replacement systems are between $82 and $216, depending mostly on the type of system you choose to install. With the required plumbing and electrical connections in place, the installation of a new system is straightforward, regardless if you will continue with a similar system or treat your water with a different method. Water conditioning and filtration appliances range from simple, under-counter drinking water filters to multi-tank, whole-house conditioners. If it is necessary to replace your entire system, have your water tested by an experienced installer and discuss the best options for your conditions as well as ongoing maintenance and service requirements and costs. Choosing the most appropriate and effective system for your needs will help you plan for both the up-front and long-term costs of treating your home’s water.


Planning for your Water Softener or Purifier Repair

Keeping your water treatment system in good working order will ensure that you have clean, soft water for use in your home. If your system requires service or repairs, contact a qualified service person to help diagnose and correct the problem. Usually, the technicians who install water systems are the best resource to service and fix them. They often affix contact information directly to your appliance when it is installed or serviced, so be sure to check there before contacting another contractor who may not be familiar with your system.

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