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Water Softener Repair Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Plumbing > Water Softener Repair Guide
Water Softener Repair Guide

You may not think about your water softener often, unless it stops working properly and you suddenly have hard water coming out of your faucets. Water softeners work by filtering mineral-filled ground water into softened water that works better for cleaning, washing and for operating appliances. Water softeners soften water by removing calcium and magnesium in a regeneration process.


Your water softener has several components that could malfunction: the mineral tank, a brine tank and the control valve. If any of these components stop working correctly, you will notice a reduction of soft water in your home. Because of the technicality of the system and possible plumbing issues, hiring a professional to repair the water softener will ensure satisfactory results.

  1. 1.Water Softener Repair

    Once you ascertain that your water softener is not working, the first step involves inspecting the appliance to figure out what is wrong with it. If your appliance is under warranty, call the manufacturer to schedule service. If your appliance is slightly older and you do not have a current service plan in effect for it, you are on your own.


    A professional will inspect the water softener to determine the issues. One common problem is a failure for the system to regenerate. This could occur due to a meter or a sensor that is malfunctioning. Sometimes regeneration occurs, but the resulting water does not have sufficient softening. This might occur due to a clogged resin tank injector, through which the salt moves into the brine tank. Sometimes brine does not mix correctly in the brine tank and exits the appliance without softening the water correctly.


    To diagnose the problem with the water softener, the professional will need to troubleshoot the system thoroughly and eliminate each possible issue until he arrives at the problem.

  2. 2.Water Softener Maintenance

    Sometimes a water softener simply needs standard maintenance to get it running efficiently once again. Maintenance should include cleaning the brine tank to eliminate salt buildup and sediment from the inside of the tank. The resin bed, where the actual chemical reaction to remove minerals from the water occurs, may also need cleaning. Iron can build up in the resin bed, but you can remove the iron with an additive. The resin tank injector needs periodical cleaning to remove debris and sediment or the chemicals will not move through to properly soften the water.

  3. 3.Repair or Replace?

    If your water softener is less than five years old, you probably have an active warranty and the appliance is still new enough to repair. Water softeners over 10 years of age generally begin to experience significant issues and it may be wise to replace your appliance instead of repairing it. Many parts have a similar timespan, so when one part wears out, you might expect additional parts to also begin wearing out within a short time.

  4. 4.Hiring a Professional

    Your options for water softener repair include a technician that works for the water softener manufacturer and a licensed plumber. The benefit of hiring a technician with the water softener manufacturer is that you have a professional with specific expertise matching your water softener design and features. A plumber’s overall experience and knowledge base will enable this expert to repair and maintain a variety of different water softeners, based on the general design that most water softeners have.

  5. 5.Possible Problems

    Without a professional repairing your water softener, it is possible that you could incur additional expenses. If incorrect repairs occur, these repairs may not resolve the issues. In addition, water softeners have a typical life of 10 to 20 years. You could make repairs to a water softener when the overall system is not worth repairing. You may face additional repairs in a short time when it would have been more economical to replace your entire system instead of repairing it.

  6. 6.Cost of Repair

    The cost of the repairs depends on the nature of the issues, the type of water softener and your geographic location. The cost to a href="/hg/water-softener-repair-cost/">fix a leak would range between $51 and $185. If your a href="/hg/water-softener-repair-cost/">water softener has a crack in the system, expect costs to range between $82 and $298. Other issues, including a href="/hg/water-softener-repair-cost/">routine maintenance and adjustments to the system, would cost between $82 and $298. If your water softener needs replacement, the cost to a href="/hg/water-softener-repair-cost/">replace the entire system would range between $73 and $265, not including the cost of the new water softener.

  7. 7.Redbeacon

    Engage Redbeacon’s assistance to find a professional who can troubleshoot and repair your water softener. You will receive a list of possible professionals you might hire. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget and Redbeacon will manage the entire project from this point. You will pay Redbeacon for the work and the professional will receive compensation directly from Redbeacon. The work performed will have Redbeacon’s satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome.


    A malfunctioning water softener can result in sticky water that flows through your pipes, your appliances and out of your faucets. Make sure your water softener works efficiently to keep your home’s water soft.

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