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Jartastic! 10 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Interior Decoration > Jartastic! 10 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars
Jartastic! 10 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars Mason jars have been around for years, but it seems they are enjoying an upswing in popularity. Due to sites like Pinterest and all the craft experts on the web, we are discovering all kinds of things to do with these classic yet rustic jars.


And that’s a good thing. Planet earth isn’t getting any younger, so anything we can do to reuse and recycle is great for the planet and our environment. Get on board with the latest trend by reading this guide: 10 ways to reuse mason jars.

  1. 1. To-go containers

    Mason jars fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. That’s why they are great as to-go containers for your favorite foods. Fill yours with trail mix, nuts or granola for a healthy snack. They are also perfect for fruit salads and green salads.

  2. Mason jars have been around for years, but it seems they are enjoying an upswing in popularity.

    2. Reusable cups

    A pretty, rustic and inexpensive way to keep yourself hydrated. Use one to sip on a glass of cool iced tea on a hot summer day. Or, mix up your favorite adult beverage to relax after a long day.

  3. 3. Grow small plants

    Even if you are low on space, you can bring a bit of green indoors by using your old mason jar as a planter. Tuck in a bit of soil, sit it in a sunny spot, and use them to grow your favorite herbs.

  5. 4. Hold your art supplies

    Have an eye for art? Use old mason jars to stash paint brushes and colored pencils. Even if you aren’t artistically inclined, you can use them to stash your kids’ art supplies.

  6. 5. Easy lanterns

    Did you know that it’s really easy to turn your mason jar into a lantern? It only takes a few things. Check out this tutorial on . Use your new lanterns for fun backyard barbeques or even as rustic touches to a wedding reception.

  7. 6. Flower vase

    Your old mason jars can help brighten up your home when you use them to stash flowers. They even make pretty centerpieces for your kitchen or dining room table.

  8. 7. Pantry organization

    Old mason jars are great for storing you pantry staples. Use them to store beans, flour, sugar or even rice. Tie strings around the lids and attach cute labels for storage with a little flair.

  10. 8. Coin collector

    Instead of letting your loose change clutter up your car, pockets and purse, stash it in an old mason jar. Set a household goal. Once you have filled a certain number of jars with change, use the cash to treat yourselves!

  11. 9. Office supplies

    These are the perfect places for things like pens, pencils, paperclips, staples and thumbtacks. They aren’t as sterile and serious as other desk organizers. They can help your desk feel less like the place you have to be and more like the place you want to be.

  12. 10. Picture frame

    Use these jars as a fun and interesting alternative to traditional picture frames. Make a copy of one of your favorite photos and laminate it. Then simply tuck it inside the jar and close the lid. There are lots of extra details you can add to personalize your jar. You can tie a pretty ribbon around the lid, or even add a sentimental keepsake. Some people fill the jar with olive oil to give it a unique, old fashioned look.

  13. There are so many ways to reuse mason jars. These are just a few jumping off points. Get out there and get creative!

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