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Weatherstripping Installation Guide

Pro Referral > Home Guides > Handyman > Weatherstripping Installation Guide
Weatherstripping Installation Guide

Weatherstripping can mean the difference between a drafty and uncomfortable house and a snug house that keeps its temperature, whether it’s cool or warm. Any leak, draft or hole in your home is an appropriate spot to apply weatherstripping. Although you might not think aboutyour weatherstripping often, deficient amounts of it can affect your heating and cooling budget, as well as making your home less comfortable for your family.


When it’s time to upgrade, replace or install weather stripping, you might think you can handle the task with proficiency. Although this might be true, there are benefits of hiring an expert to install weatherstripping. With a professional on the job, you have the assurance of quality work that will perform efficiently to keep your home comfortable.

  1. 1.Components of Weatherstripping

    Although weatherstripping sounds like a strip of insulation placed along drafts or cracks, there is more to weatherstripping than this. A strip of insulation with an adhesive backing is one form of weatherstripping. Weatherstripping also includes felt that covers an area to prevent air leaks, interlocking metal that creates a tight an effective seal, vinyl gaskets that staple in place and gaskets that fit around outlets and wall switches.

  3. 2.The Installation Process

    The process of installing the weatherstripping depends on the type of product you wish to install and the location of the installation. Rolled insulation with an adhesive backing applies effectively to door and window stops and under or above a door or window. The professional will clean application area, measure the length of the weatherstripping, cut it to size, remove the adhesive backing and press it firmly into place. Reinforced foam has a strip of wood or metal underneath the insulation foam. To install this weatherstripping, you must measure, cut it to size, nail it into place and then paint the weatherstripping to make it match the surrounding area. Weatherstripping felt requires cutting and then gluing or stapling into place. A door sweep installs on the bottom of a door to minimize the air flow between the door and the floor.

  5. 3.Benefits of Hiring a Professional

    Novice do-it-yourselfers often make common mistakes when installing weatherstripping. The material must compress slightly along the installation area. If you compress the weatherstripping too much, your window or door will not close effectively. A professional understands the correct compression of various weatherstripping products to ensure correct installation. A professional also has the expertise necessary to cut the product to make tight joints. Without tight joints, the weatherstripping will be ineffective. After partially installing the weatherstripping, the professional will test the latch of the window or door to ensure it closes correctly. If the expert discerns any issues, he knows how to make small adjustments to the installation to correct the problem and finish the work.

  7. 4.Possible Problems

    Some kinds of weatherstripping are simple to install and others are complicated. A door sweep must sit at precisely the right height on the bottom of the door. If the sweep is too high, it will allow air to infiltrate under the door. If the sweep is too low, it will drag on carpet or other flooring, possibly causing damage. Sometimes the process of measuring and cutting weatherstripping is so complicated that you might have a piece that is too long or too short for the space. A sloppy cutting job could result in unattractive weatherstripping. Tension seal weatherstripping must fit precisely into a space to utilize the tension feature. If the installation process results in wrinkling or bending of the weatherstripping, this could result in unsightly damage and ineffective weatherstripping. The material might also cause excessive resistance that makes it difficult to open and close windows and doors.

  9. 5.Cost to Install Weatherstripping

    The cost to install weatherstripping in your home depends on several factors. The size and age of your home, the number of doors and windows in your home, your geographical location and the type of weatherstripping you choose to install are all factors in the cost of installation. If your home requires any additional work to prepare for the installation, this will drive up your cost. The price for installation will range between $83 and $249, with $143 being the average price paid for this job.


Stop suffering with cold drafts in the winter and hot air seeping in during the summer and seal the leaks around your doors and windows. A professional weatherization expert will handle the job efficiently and help make your home more comfortable.

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