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Benefits of a Professional Concrete Installation

Pro Referral > Home Guides > General Contracting > Benefits of a Professional Concrete Installation
Benefits of a Professional Concrete Installation

When your home improvement projects involve pouring new concrete, reaching for the telephone is a common response. If mixing and spreading the thick, messy goo doesn’t pull you up short, it should. Many things could go wrong with a do-it-yourself concrete installation.


By hiring a professional concrete installation company, you’ll have the assurance of correct mixing and pouring procedures, which can affect the longevity and overall quality of your project. Save yourself some back breaking labor and let the experts handle it.

  1. 1.Planning/Design

    Before you even get to the mixing and pouring stage, a lot of work happens behind the scenes. Planning is an integral step for ensuring overall quality of your project. By hiring a professional, you’ll have the benefit of drawing upon an extensive knowledge base and experience that enables him to know what concrete features would work in your landscape and how to design the overall project for lasting success.


    As you plan a concrete installation project, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back! With the many design elements and options for concrete, it’s becoming more prevalent in and around a home. The good news is that concrete is durable, it’s a natural material and installing it incurs minimal waste. What’s more, you can feel good about using a local company because concrete doesn’t travel far.


    Determining how much concrete you’ll need is another task for the experts. Concrete comes by cubic yards, so it’s necessary to calculate the dimensions of the pouring area to figure out how much concrete you need. A professional will take care of these calculations easily.

  2. 2.Site Preparation

    Prior to pouring concrete, site preparation must occur. The professional will clear the site and clean it to remove all dirt and debris. After preparing the site, the experts will install a sub-base layer that will sit under the concrete. This layer must have at least 4 inches of fill, sand or gravel. After installing the sub-base, the expert will compact it carefully to prepare for the cement pouring. Any shortcuts or mistakes in site preparation could create major problems in your finished concrete results.

  3. 3.Types of Concrete to Fit Your Needs

    Your project will determine the type of concrete you need. Ready-mix concrete is the stuff churning in cement mixers, arriving to a construction site for a concrete pour. This all-purpose cement needs to be poured within two hours of mixing at the plant. Polymer concrete is porous, yet it is strong and durable. Polymer concrete might form the top layer on countertops or on floors. For forming structural shapes like walls or roofs, shotcrete extrudes from special tool onto the surface to form the shape.

  4. 4.Detail Work: Stamping, Staining, Texturizing

    Many detail options abound for concrete. You might imprint a pattern onto concrete to create borders, textures, designs, cutouts and even personalization. Concrete stencils involve sandblasting stencil designs to create borders, artwork or even initials or a logo. To stain concrete, special chemicals penetrate the concrete to make chemical reactions that produce a permanent stain on the surface of the concrete.


    Many of these detail options even work with existing concrete in your home or around your landscape.

  5. 5.Common Do-it-Yourself Mistakes

    If you’re tempted to go it alone, consider some of the common mistakes that novices make when handling concrete. You might not prepare the site properly before pouring, creating an uneven base or a base that’s not deep enough. You might also select the wrong type of concrete for your project needs. Finishing work isn’t easy, either. You must have the skills to level the concrete and finish edges and joints. Make a mistake and you could pay with cracked concrete in a short time.

  6. 6.Site Cleanup

    Once you have poured the concrete and finished it to perfection, the work is not over. Watch as the professionals gather up the tools and materials for sorting and cleaning. To avoid concrete from hardening on tools, it’s necessary to rinse everything well with water. If you have any concrete left over, you must use or discard before it hardens. Leave this to the experts, though, because it’s not your worry. The fact that you don’t need to deal with the site cleanup should be one of the strongest arguments for having a professional install your concrete for you.

  7. 7.Concrete Installation Cost

    As you determine your concrete budget, it may help to learn the cost of an average concrete pour. Depending on your geographical location, the time of the year and the size of the project, you can expect to pay between $330 and $3,402 for concrete installation. You’ll have a firm estimate that will include materials and labor to enable you to plan your project.

  8. 8.Pro Referral

    While concrete installation might not seem like an artisan craft, it takes skill and knowledge to perform the job correctly. Don’t skimp or cut corners when you’re hiring a concrete installer for your home improvement project. Pro Referral can provide important assistance in helping you find the perfect professional to complete the Concrete Installation.


    Knowing how simple your project will be with an expert at the helm should convince you that you don’t want to deal with pouring and cleaning up wet concrete. Concentrate on the finished beauty of your project and leave the rest to the experts.

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